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7 Mind-blowing Benefits of Climbing at High Altitude

Aconcagua guided climb

Ascending a mountain requires a lot of physical endurance and strength. Climbing is one of the most mentally and physically demanding activities. Most of the climbers conquer the mountain through nutritious food like canned beans, snacks rich in protein and carbohydrate. Climbing high altitude like an Aconcagua climb not only enriches your experiences but also it benefits you in so many ways.

How does climbing benefit you?

  1. Building muscle strength

Physical factors play a major role in climbing. A single climbing can boost your heart rate, develop stamina, and build muscle. You are not only required the strength of your upper body but also the strength of your lower part. So, climbing helps you to be in prime fitness and top shape physical condition.

  1. Improved Flexibility

Climbing helps to improve your flexibility and adaptability. If you are not into daily stretching activity then, you won’t be able to climb at high altitude. So, it will increase the blood circulation and flexibility at the same time.

  1. Improved mental functionality

By trekking in the mountains you will not only be physically strong but also mentally. Being in the woods for days will improve your problem solving capability. But, often this improved mental aspect is overlooked by others. They only see the physical benefits involved in climbing. But, more than the physical aspect, climbing helps you to be focused and stay sharp minded. While you try to navigate your routes in the vast mountain, it increases the ability to respond better in any situation.

  1. Helps to reduce stress

Have you ever gone for climbing with a stressed mind and come back as the coolest person on earth? Many of the experienced climbers stated that it surely help to reduce stress. You won’t need any intoxication to get high, instead you will naturally be “high”. Because climbing helps to increase the norepinephrine levels in our body. This eventually helps to release the stress level.

  1. Climbing can reduce chronic illness

The physical strength involved in climbing can aid any chronic illness including heart disease, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure. The intense physical exercise during the climb will add health benefits like building muscle, cardiovascular activity, and reducing health.

  1. Overcome your fears

Climbing makes you able to overcome your fears. When you will overcome the greatest obstacles along the journey then you will be basking with self-confidence. That will wipe off all your fears from your mind. Fear is the only thing that stops you from exploring your true potential to the fullest. Being fearless, you will be able to enjoy your life to its fullest.

  1. Help you learn the life skills

Mountain climbing is not just about having a good workout and building muscle strength. A research showed that even indoor rock climbing can help you to build up the skills. Although the benefits of mental aspects are subtle.


The immense benefits of rock climbing can’t be overlooked. Climbing is not only a physical game but a mental too. If you are a novice and finding yourself apprehensive about going for a climbing, then no need to take your doubts forward. There are organizations that provide Aconcagua guided climb. So, you will get to complete your Aconcagua journey with experienced mountaineers. This will reduce the chances of you being injured. Also, getting an opportunity to climb with experienced mountaineers provide you the chance to know the risks associated with climbing and how you can refrain yourself from these.