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Did you know your cell phone could save your life? It absolutely could, and we’re going to describe how!

Always get your cell phone repair and keep it in good working order because you’ll never know when you might need to use your iPhone or Android to save your life!

For starters, you can set up Apple’s assistant, Siri to call an ambulance without the need to dial your phone. That will come in handy during an emergency!

Let’s look at some helpful apps that can save your life in a bind:

  • Stethoscope app – this intuitive app uses your iPhone’s microphone to record your heartbeat and uses this recording to determine if your heartbeat is regular or if you need medical help.
  • Pocket first aid apps – these apps are available on Android and iOS and come in handy when you are in an emergency without medical aid. Simply refer to the app for techniques on how to address the emergency yourself.
  • Skin vision app – this handy app will analyze the spots on your skin after you take a picture of its condition. It will check for irregularities and let you know if you are at risk for developing cancer.
  • Companion app – this iPhone application lets you ask a friend or family member to keep you company – virtually. They can do this while tracking your trip home. If any unusual movement is detected, the apps will ask if you are okay, allowing you 15 seconds to push an “okay button.” Otherwise, it will send out an alarm alerting your companion.
  • Pulse point app – Whenever an ambulance is called for cardiac arrest, this helpful app sends an alert to every CPR-qualified person within 500 meters who can rush to help you until your ambulance arrives.

Here are some other ways you can save your life with your device, so make sure you always have your cell phone repaired and in good working order:

Add “In Case of Emergency” contacts to your contact lists. The letters ICE tell emergency responders like medical professionals and police officers who to call in case of an accident. Add the letters ICE before the contact’s name.

Use tracking apps to keep tabs on an older family member or a teenager to ensure they are safe. You can also use apps on your own like Life360 that allow friends and family you choose to pinpoint your current location.

Take advantage of phone features like GPS, and the built-in flashlight to find your way.

User timers and calendar entries on your cell phone to remind you to take your medicine.

Using Your Cell Phone in Emergency Situations

Lost in the Wilderness

The Wikipedia app will come in handy here, and you are able to save Wikis like “poisonous plants” for offline viewing. If you’re an Android user, you can use Google Lens to help you to identify unknown plants if you are getting reception.

If you’re planning a trip to the wilderness, try searching the app store for specific apps, like “New York Hiking and Plant guide” and you might just find apps that will give you very detailed information about your region.

In the Case of a Break-in

First, you’ll want to turn off all of the sounds on your phone and hide it in plain sight. Android users can tap “do not disturb” in settings and iPhone owners can use the mute switch.

If you have time, disable vibration, including haptic feedback like keyboard and touch vibration, which can be heard. Now you can send a text message to let someone know what is going on in these emergency situations. For more information, check out

Some areas of the country allow you to text 911. To see if you are in one of these areas, head to the FCC website, which keeps an updated spreadsheet of cities that support this feature. If you do attempt to use 911 and your area doesn’t support this, you’ll receive a message back that will let you know that your text message has not been received and placing a call is necessary.

If it’s dangerous or obvious to make a phone call, make sure you text a responsive, responsible contact so that they can call for you.

Just when you thought you could use your smartphone for just about anything, medical and emergency intervention becomes available too. All the more reason to keep your cell phone repaired and updated – you never know when it will come in handy and maybe save a life.

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