jio business strategy model

When we ask a person who is closely related to the business and financial sector that, the best business person in India. Obviously most of them will tell the name chairman Of Reliance Jio Group Mr. Mukesh Ambani. It is we have experienced, Jio got much popularity within a small time and got rapid growth in India Telecom industry. Millions of customers are For Jio Now and the count is still increasing. Now , Jio plans to enter some other sectors in India like DTH, broadband, IPTV etc. Here in this post, we will look at the Jio business strategy model they followed to become success in such a competitive market.

Jio came to very competitive indian market when the old and biggest brands like BSNL, Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone playing well in the sector. So We may have doubt that, one more mobile network will worth in india, we already saw many other companies like AirCell, Uninor, Tata Indicom etc has shut down because of very huge competition. But the Reliance chairman, Mukesh ambani’s plan has worked out. Now Other big brands getting very tough running their business because of this newly launched Jio Network.

The success on Jio is due to the unique business model and well planned business strategy. Jio is the only network in india Now with full coverage in 4G. Other companies are still on update period to upgrade from 3G. Mobile smartphone is traveling with us, If we are under 4G network, we may not get 4G signal when we move to some other place. So the users may not get enjoy 4G network fully.

Unique Selling Point (USP) Method Of Marketing – Reliance Jio

Jio started they marketing method just by unique selling point. So what is USP?, this is the strategy to attract the customers by providing the services for free for a limited time period. The all the customers will get their free usage. By this time, they will get impressed by the service, and they must love the product or service. So the customers converted to the regular customers.

What to do, if to achieve success while experimenting USP?

Not only provide free service, but should be high quality service than the running brands in the market. If not, there is no use while using Unique selling point method. All the resources and capitals will be lost.

Predatory Pricing Strategy

In addition, company adopt the predatory pricing strategy, where the price of the product or service is set to very low, and thus adopt the customers from their competitors. So building a good barrier on customer base that no longer drop then.

Jio provides a set of apps that are exclusively to use for their customers to make use of various operations. The apps in various categories like entertainment, news, online recharge, music, etc. For the recharge for the JIo users itself, they introduced MyJio app, and by sign in with the Jio iD and password, the user can control everything that related to Jio Connection. So the users will get everything that they need to solve their issues related to the service they are enjoying and paying for it. Jio values the money that the end user pay for their service. This also got huge success on their business.

Jio rewritten the all the procedures related to the smartphone recharges. Earlier, before the Jio era, the users need to pay or activate separate offers for voice calls, data pack, sms pack etc. And to buy tariff plan, they need to pay more. If a users recharge for Rs 50, he will only getting the value of 41Rs. and all other his money going for tax, and other forms. But when jio launched, all these formats are changed. the users will get free voice and sms if they recharge for one month one time recharge. Obviously, all other service providers compelled to change the track according to this format since rise of huge competition.

Internet and Voice Data – The Most weakness of Users

So obvious, they should focus on this service, and provide better and undercut rate for their customers. They advertised, unlimited talk time for the users, but behind it they set a limit of 5 hours, and that was not known by the users. Only a small percentage of users will make use of these much time on voice calls now, and this limit was known by the users after a long time. But for only few people. But that was not a problem. because that 5 hours talk time is enough for all per day.

By attracting large customer base and providing the better service for them, they got return on investment within very short time period after the free period end. They update their services and products very frequently by analyzing marker research and trends. Get frequent updates related to all the jio services from website.

According to study, the most of the data used in india, by accessing social media and entertainment websites. The video publishing platform like youtube have millions of users. To watch and enjoy the videos they like, they need to have high speed data service. By using 3G or 2G, the users not getting streaming without buffering. When Jio introduced their 4G VoLTE, the users then realized the joy of video streaming without any buffering issue, in any high quality.

Moreover, their own streaming apps for tv channels, cinema, music etc, the apps will only works while the apps are under Jio 4G network. If no, you will get the error message, not using Jio 4G network.


The basic principle od business, providing better service for affordable price that the users will get their mind full happy. Jio applied this strategy in different way, to t attract the users all over india. A well market research, analysis, a better way of implementation. when all they come together, Jio doesn’t take much time to outrank their competitors. Just make use of Jio resource by visiting their official website and

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