One thing that separates Montessori schools from other traditional schools is that they allow the child to learn at their own pace, whereas traditional schools force the child to their specific curriculum. If the school follows a curriculum that applies to all students, then it cannot be called a true Montessori school.

Traditional Schools v/s Montessori Schools

Montessori school on Sohna road Gurgaon has classrooms that provide children an environment where they are provided with several learning activities. They can choose from them and can gain the necessary knowledge. They get actively involved in their education as they work and learn at their own pace. A major difference between traditional and Montessori school is that normal classes include a teacher who teaches what they find it necessary and with this, the students slowly gets detach from the lesson. In Montessori classes, teachers are there to guide the student when they divert from their learning direction.

Many parents strongly believe in the Montessori education methodology. The children attending Montessori schools seemed to perform well when it came to social skills and behavior.

Reasons to choose Montessori school

  • The Montessori curriculum is centered on the key development in children of different age groups. 3-year-old children’s curriculum focuses on sharpening the language skills, whereas the 4-year old children’s curriculum will be to tune their motor skills and to complete their everyday activities, such as arts and crafts. 5-year-old children’s curriculum will broaden their learning experience to trips and special events.
  • Montessori school teachers assist in the learning experience of the child, rather than determine what the experience will be. Teachers develop the curriculum based according to the children in the classroom.
  • Children in a Montessori school learn how to share and cooperate with one another in the activities. The children do the activities in the classroom together and this tends to build a sense of community. The school environment encourages children to share and work together.
  •           Students in the Montessori school are encouraged to explore concepts and activities at their own pace. This inspires children to try more activities, to increase their learning experience.
  • Montessori classrooms are very different and are designed to accommodate children from different age groups with different work areas.

Finding the Right Montessori

Before sending your child to Montessori school, make sure that the school is accredited, and has proper documentation which proves that, they follow the Montessori Method of teaching. Montessori follows the variety of learning and progression activities established for learning at Montessori schools. With this, you also have to make sure that the school takes care of each and every student who is in school. Meet the teachers and must check that they do not enforce learning on a student, but provide actual learning to the student.

Your child will get undoubtedly benefited while attending a Montessori preschool. At Montessori in Gurgaon, your child will be given the opportunity to learn whenever and however they can. Enrolling your child in this school is vital to develop skills that he or she will carry on throughout life.