deodorant brands in india

The draining schedules in the modern day life lead to excessive sweat formation and ultimately result in bad body odour. Use of body deodorants has seen a paradigm shift from a luxury to mandatory product lists.

Use of body deodorants is must to avoid shameful and foul smelling situations. The need and increased demand for the product enticed many manufactures to join the fleet of manufacturers for body deodorants. However, making a product is easier than making a good and like able product.

Among The many Brands The Top 5 Preferred Brands by the customers are listed below.

AXE Deodorant For Men

Axe can be called the pioneer company for popularizing the use of body deodorants in India. The initial ad campaigns which depicted girls getting attracted to the men and boys using the deodorants initiated a sort of revolution among the youth. The company in the present day continues to hold a dominant market share and offers a wide range of body deodorants with distinct perfumes. The company also offers a special series of deodorants which is called Axe Signature series.


PARK AVENUE Deodorant For Men

The popular clothing brand is equally popular in the deodorant category given its amazing fragrances and the peculiar attribute of long lasting effect. The company offers more than 15 variants of deodorants and also has a special segment of products tagged under the Park Avenue Impact category. The numbers of people using the Park Avenue range of deodorants is constantly increasing in the country as the company continues to flood the markets with more amazing ranges.


NIVEA Deodorant For Men

The globally popular company that makes grooming products for men also manufactures a wide range of deodorants for the men. The deodorants are a result of detailed research and have yielded amazing results in terms of the lasting hours of fragrance and freshness. The deodorants by Nivea are regarded as one of the better choices for athletes and stage performers it prevents sweat formation in sensitive places like underarms so that their performance remains unaffected.


FOGG Deodorant For Men

Fogg deodorants created a furore in the Indian deodorant markets upon their arrival which was characterised by depicting the presence of more gas and less perfume in other leading companies whereas Fogg offered maximum perfume. The realisation hit soon among people and the sale for FOGG deodorants picked up very soon. The modern day increased quantity of perfume in all the deodorants across all brands can be credited to the initiative and eye-opening revelation by FOGG.


GARNIER Deodorant For Men

Being a premium body care products manufacturing company, Garnier managed to meet all the expectations which anticipated launch of the company’s line of body deodorants. Total Dryness, No Sweat and Refreshing fragrance are the key characteristic of the Garnier range of Body Deodorants. The youth and office goers have appreciated the long hours of freshness and fragrance provided by the Garnier deodorants.

Popular Products: Extreme Cool, Absolute Dry & Invisible Deo Spray.

Best Selling Perfumes for Men & Women

In India, Kings were using natural fragrances to on their clothes and in their places to get well smelled atmosphere. Those natural fragrances have been replaces by perfume bottles. In the world, there is a huge market of fragrances.

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Lots of local, national and multinational companies are manufacturing natural fragrances to spray on body and clothes. They have their organic farms of Rose, Mogara, Lemons, Jasmine and other well smelling flower plants.

They make organic sprays from organic and hybrid plants. Aroma always attracts humans and we get good smells, which we like and our mind also like it. Smell directly effects on your mind and lets you feel very cool and happy. If you are mood less then few fragrances may feel you happy. Now a day’s, in a digital age of world, everything is available online and we can get it fro few online shopping portals.