There are some tips that every police officer has to follow when the person is asked to have a direct conversation with a criminal defense attorney in Marietta GA or even while working with them. They have to prepare a set of questions and tips to follow as criminal attorneys have their fair share of jobs to do. Remember that both the solicitor and officers are trying to do their jobs and covering the court processes.

The main aim for the law enforcement officers is not just to get upset with the dealings, when it comes to working with the solicitors of criminal defense category. The police officer cannot just think the solicitor to be his enemy. They have to work together, hand in hand, to solve any case with ease. So, if you are falling under the category of police officer and have to deal with a criminal defense attorney, then there are some selected steps which you need to follow right now.

Nothing to get defensive about while the testimony is in progress:

Remember that a police officer should never get defensive when the testimonial is in progress. Officer testimony will be given a lot of importance and credibility by juries and judges.

The best way in which you can reduce the credibility is to argue with the attorneys during trial.

An officer is always better off answering the questions in a polite manner and using the non-defensive technique. Using even voice is really important too.

In case the criminal defenses attorney is rattling any police officer by getting into any argument, then it might play right for his strategy to discredit the officer. So, it is mandatory for the police officer to not get involved in any such rattle.

During the testimony, it is mandatory for the police officers to be polite. In case, the testimony of the officer needs to be followed up or rebutted, then the prosecutor might have to follow with the re-direct exam with the officer.

Try to avoid the history of training pitfalls:

The criminal defense lawyer Marietta GA will make it a point to ask police officers some questions on the trainings they receive and how they might sound credible when they were in the academy for training. They might ask the police officers about their specialized trainings as well. Here, the inference is that the officer has been trained to be deceptive, which is actually not the truth in this regard.

The main purpose of the attorney in this regard is to allege that the officer is practiced the art of deception. Therefore, it is mandatory for the officer to prepare for a good response to cover up this allegation. They have to response by stating that they got police training for covering the best tasks as assigned to them. They have to testify their job profiles logically, professionally and even truthfully to dispel the notion that the officer has been trained to do anything deceptive. It is vital to remain absolutely calm at this point while working on such questions.

Never take the lawyer’s action personally:

As it has already been mentioned before, the job of the criminal defense attorney is to help the client that person is working with. They are mainly part of the criminal justice category just like the police officer itself. So, the officers have to understand this point and not take any question or even insinuations personally, as presented by the criminal defense attorney.

The attorney might represent any officer in an aggressive manner as they do with any individual after the arrest has been made. So, it is mandatory for the officers to know that their work and that of the lawyer is more or less same.

The solicitors mainly face an uphill battle in some cases. So, they might have to pill everything to make this attempt prevail. It is the officer’s choice to not take that bait.

An officer should never help a criminal defense lawyer to distract the judge or jury from the issues, which are up at trial.

Keeping a calm and cool head and a collective mind is really important. Venting out anger towards the solicitor will not help and might get the case go for the lawyer. In case, the police officer fails to maintain his cool then it might impact the officer’s credibility, which is the last thing they want.

Yes or no questions:

There are multiple times when the attorney will try to frustrate the officer by bombarding him or her with yes or no questions. The main aim is to confuse the person regarding the situation which occurred. The lawyer will even try to essentially put words in the officer’s mouth as a tactic. The officer needs to keep his cool while answering these questions without losing temper.

These simple steps will help them to tackle an attorney in the best way possible without facing any problem later on.