Michigan woman Tirany Savage, three relatives dead after she was denied protection order from husband

A Michigan woman and three relatives died in an apparent triple murder-suicide after she was denied a protection order for her husband — who was among the dead, according to police and a news report.

Tirany Savage, 35, her 13-year-old son Dayton Cowdrey, her mother Kim Lynnette Ebright, 58, and Bo Eugene Savage, 35, were all found dead Sunday before dawn inside a home from gunshot wounds to the head, authorities said.

“All subjects involved had known relationships, and the incident is being investigated as a Murder/Suicide,” the Roscommon County Sheriff’s Department said in a press release Monday.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the many friends and family who have been devastated by this loss.”

It hasn’t been confirmed who the shooter was, but weeks before the tragic turn of events Tirany Savage filed for a personal protection order from husband Bo Eugene, according to television station WPBM. But it was denied by a judge.

She also reportedly was beginning the process of divorcing him.

Tirany Savage said in the protection order that her husband, Bo Eugene Savage (right), had mental health issues and recently purchased a firearm.

Tirany Savage sought the personal protection order against her husband on June 24, writing, “He has mental health issues and recently purchased a firearm and that is concerning to me,” WPBM reported, citing court documents.

“He keeps saying he is going to blow his brains out and I do not want my safety or my son’s safety in jeopardy.”

But that bid was rejected by a judge who wrote she could request a restraining order in divorce court, the outlet reported.

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“Insufficient evidence of a showing of immediate and irreparable injury, loss or damage. Petitioner can request a restraining order in divorce case,” the judge wrote, according to WPBM.

Tirany Savage could have requested a hearing because she was denied, but it is unclear if she made that request, according to WPBM, citing court documents.

Three days before she violently died, she filed for divorce, WPBM reported.

The judge, which NBC News says is Troy Daniel, did not return a request for comment when the news outlet contacted his election campaign Wednesday evening.

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