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To attain a healthy body, it is really important to follow the right lifestyle, eat right, and of course participating in the physical activities. Spending time outdoors will eventually provide all ages the chance to breathe in the fresh air, feel at peace, and reconnect with nature. Not just his, it also helps converse the negative feelings associated with loneliness many seniors face.

Spending time in fresh air boosts vitamin D levels, immunity, and energy levels for seniors as well. Florida real estate 55 and over communities seniors who spend a lot of time outdoors actually recover from injuries faster by being exposed to natural light. And even if it improves concentration in seniors by giving their brain a break from everyday screens, multitasking, and mundane surroundings of the indoors.

Most of the below activities are meant to be appreciated together with family and friends. Social interaction is important for the independent senior to stay engaged throughout the day and minimize the risks that come with being alone.

Sports and Active Games

Golden agers can get active and play games with low-impact, like pool or mini-golf, or even a video game that requires movement. Being active in sports and physical games gives seniors benefits like improved hand-eye coordination, a sense of control and accomplishment, and of course exercise which is good for both body and mind. The approachable competition offers a challenge and quality time spent with companions. Here are some fun sports and games for seniors: Golf, Shuffleboard, Bocce, and Badminton, etc.


You may have seen people who used to say I want to workout but I don’t find time to go to the gym, then there is good news for them. Want to know the news? Well, yes there are several simple exercises you can do right from your chairs such as ankle or wrist rolls, sit-and-stands, single-leg calf raises, and others. Talk to your doctor about chair exercises that are right for you.

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For golden agers, just walking for a short time can be considered a workout. This is enough for seniors to sustain mobility and cardiovascular health. As we age, decreased mobility can make it difficult to maintain an active lifestyle, which sometimes leads to loneliness.

Well, it is true the natural aging process can make seniors more prone to injuries and joint problems such as arthritis, avoiding physical activity altogether also comes with its own set of physical and mental health risks of obesity, heart disease, and depression.

Activities that incorporate balance and coordination, strength training, stretching, and cardio are especially important for older adults in 55 and up communities in Florida. But before beginning any workout regimen, a physician should be consulted. Some exercises typically low-risk and low-impact for seniors are Swimming, Cycling, Walking, Dancing, and Yoga.

Again, regular exercising for seniors will help sustain total body mobility and keep muscles strong while giving the mental stimulus at the same time. During exercise, our body releases chemicals that can improve our mood and make us feel more relaxed.

A healthy dose of the right exercises helps senior’s live independent lifestyles as they age. And for maximum fun, grab a workout buddy! This is an easy way to incorporate socializing with physical activity.


Choosing the activities enjoyable would be the simplest way for seniors to stay motivated is to first. Maybe you love to play cards and board games; find a friend and make playing your favorite card game a weekly occurrence. Or choose activities that are less challenging to fit into your daily schedule. Before choosing any activities to give priority to your safety.