Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes
Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes

As a matter of fact, the first Santa Cruz Mountain Bike came to be known as Tazmon. It was manufactured in a garage located in Santa Cruz California back in the year 1993. The name of the bike was earned because of its single pivot and a dual-suspension technology. As one of the pioneer brands, it then paved its way to the upcoming brands in the market. Presently. Santa Cruz is an award-winning organization that has managed to create 16 brands of Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes. This basically includes bikes for men, women, and kids. The biggest thing about the brand is that it supports green energy. It uses the carbon fibers, aluminum and sometimes both, for the downhill and hardtail bikes. The Santa Cruz mountain bikes for sale is the much-awaited sale among the bike lovers.

The brand exists on the idea of creating better brands to meet the rider’s expectations. This is the major philosophy for the high-end features of the bikes that are created to delight the bike lovers till the end.

Let’s dig deeper to know about Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes 

  • These bikes come in the form of full suspension and hardtail bikes with a durable frame that’s made of aluminum and stainless steel. These can be categorized into various categories like women’s bikes, cross country bikes, sports bikes, and others. Various common examples are Bronson, Hightower, Chameleon, V10, highball and so on.
  • HighBall is one of the most well-known mountain bikes of the brand. It costs around $2,599 and features a full carbon frame with threaded bottom bracket along with the bottle cage mounts. It weighs 10.48kg / 23.09lbs.
  • In case you want to splurge or get the most in terms of components or performances, then you can spend at least $10,499 on Bronson XX1 AXS. With these bikes, you’ll go insane. Your love for bikes awaits you.
  • All the models under this brand come with the facility of 160 mm of travel on the fork along with 150mm of travel on the shock. With this, you can demolish any kind of terrain. If you really want the best in terms of full suspension mountain bikes, then you must consider shortlisting some of these models.

Learn more about the Santa Cruz Road Bikes

  • To be honest, Santa Cruz has put in a lot of effort towards the production of road bikes. Presently, they have been producing mountain bikes along with the cyclocross bikes that are used in the off-road terrains for mountain lovers and bike lovers.
  • These bikes come with a stiff rear angle along with the high bottom bracket and a light frame. With the help of these road bikes, your road trips will become flexible and comfortable.
  • This is one such combination that will bring you a great ride that considers everything for the ease and flexibility of the customer. The best part about the road and mountain bikes is that they are the best to look at.

Happy Biking!