Tungsten rings are special these days. Be it about craftsmanship or comfort; these rings have been accomplishing on all aspects. It won’t be wrong to claim that the tungsten rings are among the most traded or desired wedding rings are present. Tungsten rings can be found in various style and color options. However, the classic white tungsten rings and black are still the first preferences when it comes about special occasions like marriage. People up for buying white tungsten rings should keep the following aspects in mind.

Check the thickness

Many people wonder what the big deal about the size to be serious is or why to be careful about while buying tungsten ring. However, they don’t understand that a seller selling an impure quality tungsten ring of a certain size may not provide the same level of comfort as of a pure quality ring of the same size.

A good quality tungsten ring of 2.0 mm thickness is equivalent to 2.6 mm thickness of an impure quality. Tungsten is naturally thicker. Hence, upon adding impurity, it is obvious to get even thicker. This factor matters a lot for the white tungsten rings as these are often essential to be of the purest quality.

Not just white tungsten, the thickness aspect should be taken into account while buying black golden tungsten rings as well. Gold is less thick than tungsten in nature. The highest quality tungsten rings are in general of 2.3 mm. For blending and styling, it is often given more thickness. But, one should make sure it should not be too thick as explained above. After all, it doesn’t feel good to wear a heavy and thick tungsten ring.

Know its composition

When it comes about buying tungsten rings, it is essential to enquire about the proportion of nickel in it. One should remember that good quality tungsten rings often use nickel. Those who are qualitatively lower standard use cobalt in composition. This aspect matters a lot for the white tungsten rings as an impure white tungsten ring is like a useless thing. Also, cobalt coming in touch with the skin generates stain on its surface.

Needless is to say that stains are easier to be found on white as it becomes very evident. It doesn’t mean there is no issue about going with men wedding rings black tungsten with cobalt in composition. People with an allergy can become a victim of hypersensitivity with tungsten rings containing cobalt in its composition. Overall, it is considered low quality. It makes the rings more brittle as well, compromising with its scratch resistance characteristics.

Why symmetry matters for white tungsten rings?

One must be very careful about symmetry while buying a white tungsten ring. First of all, one should understand it well about what exactly to look for the characteristic called ‘symmetry.’ This means that each side of the ring should appear or look identical. Needless is to say that this aspect matters a lot for the white tungsten rings as the asymmetric characteristics become easily visible and can be embarrassing.

Though one would never love to buy an asymmetric ring for any color, it matters a little more for white. Tungsten being a tough scratch resistive material requires highest level polishing and craftsmanship to bring the perfection in symmetry. It naturally takes a lot of time, and more time being spent on something makes it more expensive.

In the pursuit of having greater profit, makers often offer tungsten rings with little fine-tuning. The flaws thus generated become thoroughly evident in the case of white tungsten rings. Additionally, the asymmetric tungsten rings may not be as enduring as of the symmetric ones. It is thus advised to observe prior buying very closely when it comes about white tungsten rings.

There are many online stores one can find in modern times for tungsten rings. One must ensure that it has return policy before dealing. Specifically, one should ensure about this while buying white tungsten rings due to issues of symmetry and others as explained above. Moreover, one must remember that this asymmetry issue can’t be addressed by polishing or brushing. So, it’s better to be careful enough and buy the right thing.