Job Openings in Philippines

The economy of Philippines has moved away from being primarily agriculture-based to one that is more focused on services and manufacturing. In such a period of transition, the job openings in Philippines offer a wider range of prospects for seekers. Whether you are looking for an internship or trainee ship, your first full-time job or to change companies, job openings in Philippines offer endless possibilities.

Here are some industries and roles that you can explore when looking for job openings in Philippines, especially if you are looking to start fresh.


As a graduate in the field of law, you would have one of the top paying jobs in the Philippines. Your options range from legal researcher, legal secretary and paralegal to legal assistant.

Public Relations (PR)

If you are looking to work in the line of media and public relations, it is another rewarding career opportunity in the Philippines. And to enter this field, you could have a degree in any of the related areas such as mass communication, journalism, advertising or marketing.


Anyone who has a strong command over language can make it big today and are therefore, most in demand. Graduates with a background in journalism, language courses, communication and similar fields are sought after by many companies looking to work on their branding and communication. Translators are also in high demand when it comes to job openings in Philippines, especially for English.


While advertising makes for a high-pressure field replete with multiple deadlines, it is one where almost any graduate could try their luck. The only requirement is oodles of creativity. If you have that and portfolio of your ideas executed into creatives, you could work as a copywriter, graphic designer, visualiser or creative director. You could also work as client servicing executive, accounts manager and business development executive.

Training and development

If you are a graduate of psychology, behavioral science, sociology, human resource management, business administration, business management or related field, you could explore training and development job openings in Philippines. You could work in the training sessions or induction programs conducted for entry-level or new hires in organisations. You could also be a part of skills-training designed to help those looking to improve their skillset for a particular job or career.

Information Technology (IT)

For those looking for IT and software job openings in Philippines, there are great prospects awaiting. Web programmers, software developers/engineers, IT analysts, and technical support representatives are some of the really well-paying jobs. If you are a fresh graduate of IT-related degrees such as computer science, information technology, and software engineering, you have a great start to make in the field.

Human Resources (HR)

Human Resources are a crucial part of every company, be it any industry. Therefore, as a job seeker with a background in this field, you would always be in demand. HR job openings in Philippines are a good avenue for a career that pays you well.

Some of the other industries where you could explore lucrative job openings in Philippines include marketing/business development, customer services and quality assurance, among others. Make the most of your resources and go up the ladder in Philippines.