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The world of fashion and fitness modeling is a multi-billion dollar industry where many enter every year but very few become successful, one such name we have today is Karan Oberoi. Karan Oberoi model who is also popular by his nick name that are also his name’s initials KO, is one of  leading models from India. KO started his career with an ad agency after completing his double masters ie.

MBA and PG diploma in journalism and mass media almost a decade back. This young man while working on that corporate ad desk didn’t know anything about modeling till he got that one splendid break while doing his job. We find so many models everyday entering this industry with different shape, sizes, colors and talent, still in the midst of all this we found Karan “KO” Oberoi stand out.

He might not be the tallest, just 6 feet, might have a scar on his face, might not be very fair but he has something to be talked about and can be described as Mr. unconventionally handsome and an attractive personality that distinguishes him among the crowd.

karan oberoi (KO)

Moreover while I was looking at his pictures on internet besides following him on social media handles since a long time, initially I thought may be he’s an actor that defines without any doubt that Mr. Oberoi has nothing short that can make him an actor or in fact a superstar overnight.

Almost a decade back this handsome male model from India started his career as a model, since then he has stared in numerous fashion shows, featured on the cover of leading magazines like Men’s Health and part of reputed fashion magazines and top fashion and fitness brands.

His portfolio include names like Reebok, Isuzu, Royal Enfield bikes and riding apparels, fashion big bazaar, British Nutrition  and Viva Fitness. Today he is celebrated as an established model who still has much more to give.

karan oberoi (Indian Model) also known as KO

Indian model Karan “KO” Oberoi Biography

Karan Oberoi model was born in upper middle class sikh family on 26 September 1987 to father G.S.Oberoi and mother Mrs. Jasvinder Oberoi  in capital city of India – New delhi. Karan’s father used to work in higher management position and was in charge of the foreign International Business in one of the reputed Banks of India. Karan’s mother Dr. Jasvinder Oberoi is a professor of Hindi literature in Delhi University. Karan has one younger sister, her name is Ishween Sahiba, who is also an MBA and works with a private firm.

Everything you need to know about Indian Model Karan Oberoi 

  • Being born in upper middle class and highly educated family his roots are still the same, Karan, besides being a top male model enjoys reading books in his free time rather watching movies. He is also a holder of two double postgraduate degrees which is also a big exception and we have never seen a model like him. Karan has not just done modeling in all these years but also has shared lot of awareness regarding health, lifestyle, fashion, modeling and how to get them all.
  • One very interesting fact about him is that he is a big time shopaholic, he can shop for anything and everything. He can’t resist buying a beautiful thing he might see. Despite his clothes, he loves to shop for home decor; he loves quirky stuff with an elegant tinge to it.
  • Like any other guy, Karan has a fetish for shoes and watches. He just can’t resist a good looking shoe, he tries to match up his shoes with his outfits on daily basis. We think, that is very natural for a fashion model to do so.
  • One thing that no one knows about him is that he had his very first real relationship when he has 25, before that he was just too busy enjoying his college life. You might think, with such good looks he would be a playboy, but to our surprise, he is extremely opposite to that, he is extremely shy and takes time to open up.  He respects women and chivalry is always up his sleeves.
  • While growing up he was a big fan of Michael Jackson and wrestler Hit Man Heart.

Awards and Recognition as a Model: 

Karan Oberoi KO closeup
Karan Oberoi KO closeup
  • Karan Oberoi was appointed as “World Peace Messenger” by WPDO closely associated with United Nations on 16th June 2018 is a youth icon model of the nation.
  • Awarded as “THE YOUTH ICON” Model of the year at Second Global leadership awards at ITC Hotel, Mumbai on 7th April 2018. Karan was nominated for this award for being an inspiration among youth who follow his style and fitness.
  • Karan was also listed under “Top 10 supermodels of India” list released by leading India’s newspaper  Hindustan times “Brunch magazine” in march 2018 same list has voted Karan Oberoi as Top fitness model.
  • Indian model Karan Oberoi is also winner of titles such as Mr. Best physique and Mr. photogenic face at Mr. india international modeling event.

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