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Initially made for entertainment and communication through images in 2010, Instagram has now become one of the most famous and productive marketing platforms. With the convenience of accessibility through androids and iPhones, it has proven its worth for business sectors.

Growing exponentially with over 850+ million worldwide users, Instagram is a smart investment of time & money. With it, you can simply use the device, anywhere, anytime, to post an image without having to wait until you reach the office.

Instagram features like stories, business or creator account stats, analysis, mentioning accounts, stickers, and shop-able tags, are a great way to promote business. But posting good content is not the hardest part.

Without viewers or followers, that content would be deemed useless. Scratching your head over the hassle of how to get “free Instagram followers”? Below are a few ways you can get more likes, followers, and reach on Instagram:

Free Instagram Followers

Be trendy & versatile

Include the trendy topics, discussion, and meme references into your posts. The meme may look unprofessional but are a crucial part of the active audience on Instagram. Also, this enables your account’s posts to reach more people searching for the relevant hashtags related to the topic. Go the extra mile to ensure quality content deliverance, because nailing the first impression leads to a longer-lasting audience.

A well landed, and received post with relevant & thought-over hashtags can promise up to 50 free followers instantly. Usage of brand-specific or brand complimenting hashtags might make it fun, and memorable. Do not overuse them, and try to come up with something that evinces your artistry. Using gimmicks like #follow #likeforlike & #followforfollow may reap temporary benefits like free Instagram likes and followers, but will also mark your profile as spammy.

Pick the target

How can an aimless shot ever hit the bullseye? Similarly, first know the personas of the audience you are trying to reach, their demographics, regularity in usage, professions, behavior, etc.

Then, create the content that an average person amongst this audience would like to see. For example, if a tech-related page would post food-related content, he may lose even the existing supporters because they did not sign up for that. Be specific, be creative, and be yourself.


Strategizing bio content is an important step as it is the first interaction between you and a prospective follower. Keep it short, fun, and memorable. Including the link of a website, a YouTube channel or a video gives it a professional touch. Convincing the 2/3rd of the regular non-follower traffic to hit the follow button is the actual challenge.

Brand aesthetics 

A visually appealing profile increases the following rate. Try to satisfy the curiosity of your visitors within a few minutes through username, bio, name, and website.

Likes, comments, frequent sharing entitles your account for an algorithm boost that proliferates reach and followers. Make the overview of your profile look enchanting with resonating colors, alluring picture angles, fizzy lighting, and captivating designed posts & stories.


Contemplate your captions thoroughly and make certain that they are resonating with the post in an interactive way. Let them be the voice of your post, and keep the important information first. Captions increase response and investment levels of viewers as they provide the context for your image and demonstrate your brand’s moto in a way that your photo can not.

Since 2016, Instagram does not display the posts in just their chronological order, but also their engagement rate. Ask a question, lit a debate, use emojis to showcase your brand or page’s personality, include a call to action, or create a challenge. Usually, a question at the end of a caption acts as a call to action. The use of appropriate hashtags below them is suggested.

Posting pattern

Do not be the person who spams posts 50 stories in a single day. 90% of your followers will never even see the face of the 50th one. Your visitors don’t have that much content absorbing capacity for an unknown brand or page.

On the other end, posting so infrequently that your ‘visitors turned beginner followers’ would not even remember following you in the first place is a lazy sin.

Experiment with your posting pattern like post regularly for a week, then post on the alternate days for a week, and analyze which pattern best suits your audience.

Also, test different times or know your most active users’ time zone to enhance the engagement rate.


Anyone who uses Instagram is very likely to be on other social media as well. Mentioning your username or Instagram code on the stories or posts of your other social platforms will increase traffic and awareness.

Requesting bloggers, vloggers, and influencers for mutual promotion through stories or reposts!

Attach your handle in a flier, billboard ad, or a business card as it takes a matter of seconds to look it up. People trust the influencer’s of the respective niches o to provide reliable information. Attributing your profile with them will yield a lot of engagement.


Timely deliverance of quality content is the reason your followers exist. Daily posting is always compelling rather than a weekly post with an anchored posting time.

Call to action

One of the most efficient ways to grow is to tempt your visitors for performing some sort of action like sharing, commenting, re-posting, liking, etc.

Try to think out of the box for a call to action sentence; do not make it to cliché. Posting teasers before the actual post may hype up your audience.

Help them understand why they might want to follow you, and inject urgency into your CTAs, and DO NOT insert industry jargon into them as your CTA may end up being misunderstood.

Instagram insights

Study the insights provided by Instagram to creator and business accounts, brew audience-specific content, and run their demographic friendly campaigns. This will enable a more personalized experience for your followers and visitors.

You need at least 100 followers to view demographic insights that serve the analysis on gender, age range, top locations, and online timings.

So, use this data for your advantage in checking whether that the content you’re brewing is reaching its target or not. Also, this strategy could be applied to running paid ads.

Story highlights

Highlights pave way for you to introduce yourself to the new visitors and are an opportunity to gain free Instagram followers without paying for ads. When new followers visit your brand, they need a reason to stay.

They may not stick for long enough to research you through your posts or their captions.

So, with the feature to pin the best of your stories below the bio section, you can proffer a mini trailer to your account and its offerings.

Be a brand, not just an account

The creator from around the earth try to brew uniqueness every day, many succeed, and many are still trying. Either by finding loopholes in Instagram’s rules, they create unique posts like the long photo glitch that lets people post stretched out pictures.

Many brands gained an instant following boost through this trend. Instagram keeps updating its algorithm, so there is always room for glitches, you just need to find them and do something creative.

Personal GIFs and stickers

Be a trendsetter and create a few GIFs and stickers with your or your brand’s face on it. This strengthens your credibility and allows your fans to mention them in their stories for a broader range of promotions.

Avoid negative publicity

Hide the story mentions that you think may scare off a few followers. Sometimes you may get tagged in not up to the mark or irrelevant posts. Fortunately, this is not a problem anymore because it can be removed with just a click.

As Instagram continues to grow daily, the scale of benefits it can provide keeps growing too. The correct way to initiate is by starting. Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm prevents anyone from forming a blueprint to achieve followers quickly.

The best way is to keep experimenting, and satisfying your audience and prospective followers through creative concepts, campaigns, designs, trends, challenges, and most importantly, uniqueness.

And hopefully, they will want to see more of you and will try to encourage your work by commenting, mentioning in their stories, following, and sharing.

So, these are the most effective tactics one can use on to Get free Instagram followers & free Instagram likes with consistent efforts, innovation, and individuality.

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