homemade wall decoration ideas

When one is decorating a home and they want to fill up their walls not only with wall paints but something else as well, then one can try a few options. Plain coloured walls may look very empty and it can create an overall dull ambience in the room.

Hence one can root for wall decoration which not only will fill up the wall but will also add a character to the room. One can look for wall decoration items online shopping because there are a lot of options from which one can choose. Here are some ideas with which one can fill a home wall.

Go for Large Scale Art

One can always pick an oversized painting because when it is there on the wall it will attract a lot of eyes and attention. It can also set the tone in a small space. One can also try a black and white photo in a minimalist space or can add some colours with a vibrant and an attractive piece.

Create a Gallery Wall

There is nothing else that can add colours and personality like a gallery wall. One can display there a collection of art, photographs and some wall hangings and some other ephemeras. It is a good idea to opt for some simple and cohesive frames that can bring an array and ornate some variations of mixed things.

Showcase Fabric

When one goes for a wall hanging or a tapestry then it can add some colour and pattern to the wall and at the same time, it can create a sense of softness in the space. One can think of framing a vintage scarf or some other pretty textiles. They are a lot easier to move and replace than that of framed paintings and one can keep changing the decor at regular intervals.

Hang Mirrors

This is a great idea as a wall decor. Mirrors can reflect light and it helps a small space to feel brighter and bigger. One can try hanging an oversized mirror or can display several smaller pieces in a salon style.

Paint a Mural

This is something which is very new to fashion and one can always try them. When one hand paints a mural on the wall then it looks totally different and there is an exclusivity to it. If one is unable to go for a hand painting then they can also choose a wall covering. No matter what, wall murals always make a big impact.

Install Shelves

If one has already run out of space in their pre existing book shelves then walls can be the best place for some hanging book shelves as well. this can not only cover the blank wall space but they can also create some extra space where one can display they collection of hard covers and small sculptures or miniatures.

Hang Plates

One can hang all the fine china plates they have on the walls. They can wire them together and fill a portion of the wall.

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