Lybrate is a healthcare mobile app that is transforming the healthcare sector in India.  Patients from rural regions in India have troubles receiving proper treatment due to the lack of facilities for medical tourism in India. Lybrate is solving that issue by providing easy access to various doctors across the world on their online platform.

It also helps doctors to consult patients and increase their earnings with this virtual platform. A new professional in the field can start their career by establishing their online presence on this platform and then start a clinic of their own when they have enough reputation in the sector. They can avail financial aid from leading NBFCs as loans for doctors to fund the expenses for the clinic.

Increase your revenue by using Lybrate for doctors 

Doctors can increase their earrings by consulting Lybrate. They can fix their schedule and see as many patients as they like. Patients can find the respective doctors through the web interface and they can consult them for free or by charging a consultation fee.

Benefits of using lybrate

Lybrate is surely helping patients by providing easy access to doctors when required. It can also benefit doctors in certain ways as follows.


  • It is an ethical earning option


Lybrate serves as an ethical way for doctors to generate more revenue ethically. They can fix a consultation fee and there is no cap on the number of patients they can see every day. It can increase their earnings by a significant amount.


  • Doctors can see their own patients online


Lybrate helps doctors to see patients who are coming for follow-ups. Patients can also discuss their reports and ask to change drug dosages on the interface. This practice management software saves a lot of time for the doctors to give time to new patients.


  • It helps to expand the reach


Doctors can expand their reach with the help of lybrate. They can provide their expertise to treat patients around the globe. It will ensure a significant reach for them outside their own location.


  • It helps to build a reputation


Lybrate can help doctors to build their reputation worldwide. They can make themselves known around the globe with proper patient engagement and specialised treatment. They can also follow a guide for doctor’s on medical tourism to increase the footfall in their clinics. They can deploy new technologies and equipment to make their treatment more effective. They can avail loans for doctors from any leading financial institutions to fund the necessary expenses.

NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv provide such loans with extensive repayment tenor options along with numerous borrower-friendly benefits and features.


  • It helps to ease the burden of time


Lybrate allows doctors to see any number of patients they want to in a day. It relieves doctors from the hassle of going to clinics and providing appointments for patients. Doctors can provide their services anytime they wish on Lybrate. It increases the number of patients they see every day. Lybrate also helps doctors to save time by providing digital prescriptions, electronic records of patients, etc.

Lybrate is helping doctors around the world to start their own online clinics. It is helping them fill the gap between doctors and patients due to the lack of medical tourism in India. They can generate extra revenue with ease by consulting their own clients and by connecting to new ones. It is emerging as one of the leading online healthcare platforms due to the diverse benefits it provides both to the patients and the doctors.