family vacay

So, you’re going on a family vacation to London, and you don’t know how best to pack all your belongings. This is the perfect guide for you if you are managing lots of different bags and clothes inside them. You want to prioritise from the ground up, bringing only the things that you really have to. Everything from accessories to shoes can add extra weight, which will make it difficult for you to travel.

Travelling smart is the way to go when going with your family. You should look up where to stay in London online, and find out their transportation facilities as well. The LaLiT London, is a conveniently located property as it’s one of the hotels near London bridge. They have a pickup and drop-off service that works to the favour of travellers who may be carrying multiple sets of bags.

Bring limited number of toys

The kids might be tempted to bring their favourite toys to the trip. This may add extra burden to the luggage space and create barriers within the suitcase. They may even prioritise toys over clothes, especially if they’re younger. Having an honest conversation with them about toys will make them understand the value of bringing limited quantities to the trip.

You can always reward them by bringing them a smaller toy from the street markets in London. They can pick out the ones they find the most attractive. You can also ask siblings to share certain toys that they can enjoy together. Time spent on gaming on mobile devices can also be increased temporarily.

Ensure you’re carrying necessary medical supplies

Certain times you may need to carry medicines and supplies for older members of the family. This is important to keep a track of, via an app or mobile notes, and resupply right before the trip. In case of any emergencies, you can contact your hotel accommodations.

However, you want to be smart about it and keep a steady stack of supplies with you at all times. This is also because buying the exact same medication at an unknown store in London can get tricky. There may be communication barriers that prevent you from getting exactly what you need.

Pack as per the weather

July is the perfect time to visit London as the weather is just warm enough to not need heavy coats. Don’t carry warm clothes unnecessarily as a family of 4 can fill out one big suitcase with winter clothes. Checking the weather beforehand is a good idea, as you can carry exactly what you need when you visit.

Remember to pack your clothes as efficiently as possible so that you can utilise the spaces in the shoes you’re carrying or the handbags you are using. You should also bring phone protectors and rain-proof bags so that you can walk about worry-free.