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Guest Blogging is a New, Popular and Very Effective way to increase your website SEO and Ranking on Major Search Engines. Guest Blogging is a way to spread information about your service or product to some one’s blog and gain a quality back link which google really likes. Back links from guest posts on different blogs, increase search engine keywords visibility and helps to increase organic traffic of your website. If You want to know more about “Guest Blogging” Click Here.

We are glad to inform that, we at Chill NEWS, accept Guest Posts. We accept all kind of and all niche related posts on our site. To make our site spam free and avoid any penalty from any search engine, we have some guidelines to follow for quality content writing and sending your guest post request to us.

We accept Guest Posts on Chill NEWS. Please read below guest posting guideline.

Guest Posting Guideline on ChillNEWS.com

  • You need to send your blogging content copy in Microsoft Word Format Only.
  • Your content must be 900+ words. Content less than 900 words, will be removed.
  • There should be 5+ Sub Headings in content.
  • Your content should be 100% unique and informative.
  • Content should not be posted before on any of other site.
  • You do not need to add link in body part of content.
  • Link or links from body area of content will be removed without any update.
  • You are not allowed to link to any authority site, we will manage it from our end.
  • Don’t add related image within your doc file. We will not publish that content. We will manage image in post from our end. Also don’t attach any image in mail to post in content.
  • Content which is published once, can not be deleted.
  • Commercial contents will not accepted and will not be replied for it’s submission reason.
  • You are allowed to get 1 back link to your Blog or Blog Post Only.
  • We will moderate your content. If required, we have rights to edit your content as per our blog requirement.
  • If your content is approved, it will be published within 7 working days.
  • You are not allowed to send reminder(s) for approval status till next 7 days of mailing to us. we will not reply for that.
  • If your content is approved, we will inform you by sending mail and publishing date will be mentioned in that mail.
  • If content is published, it will not be removed later to avoid 404 errors in our web master account to increase our site SEO.
  • Content published on our site, will be shared on multiple social platform. If you don’t want it to be published, you are not allowed to submit here.

Write For Us About Below Mentioned Topics To Get Quick Approval

  • Write For Business Related Guest Posts

We always love Business Related Topics. But make sure your topic is not just a forest of texts. There should be unique and informative content with suitable 4 to 5 subheadings. Well formatted and deeply researched content will get more benefits for blogs and link gainers. So, more words with more deep research with points to explain, will get high chances for approval.

  • Write For Home Decoration Related Guest Posts

We always love to write and publish about home decoration idea. if you have some ideas about home decoration, room decoration, interior decoration, kitchen decoration, bed room wall decoration  and wall tiles decoration ideas, always feel free to send us your content. We will check it for quality, uniqueness and publish it on Chill NEWS.

  • Write For Health Food and Fitness Related Guest Posts

Health is wealth. This word is very meaningful. To make this word more stronger, we invite Health Guest Bloggers to write about Health and Fitness Related topics on chillnews.net. You can write about weight loss, tips to lose your weight, exercise for fitness and weight loss. Health Guest Blogging is not just limited to Weight Loss, You can send me all kind of health related information. Fitness and exercise tips related content will be very stronger for our blog. Just make sure you are not making spam in content. We always like fresh, unique and meaningful content for our blog.

Which Kind of Content Will Not Be Accepted.

  • Content which are related to Gambling, Casino, Batting, Politics Related, Negative reviews will not accepted and published on our blog.
  • Adult material content will also not be posted on Blog.
  • Contents which are linking to any affiliate, it will not accepted.
  • Authors are not allowed to add affiliate or spam links which we don’t accept as mentioned above.
  • Link from author bio to commercial site will not be published for free. If you want link to these kind of services or product related site, it will be with “No-Follow” attribute from author bio only.

Note: If you are interested and agree with this, let us know by sending mail to [email protected]. Mention Mail SubjectGuest Post on Chill NEWS” we will publish it.