future of Email Marketing

We can imagine the future later, there is no present possible without email. The number of people to have at least one email address by the year 2023 is estimated to be at 4 billion, which makes it one of the most commonly used forms of communication on earth.

When the number of users is going to be so huge, it makes perfect sense to centralize your business marketing strategies upon this medium. Marketing teams can directly message their targeted audience.

When I receive emails regarding the queries I make about my monthly data usage of Cox Internet packages, the free space beside my email page is usually filled with colorful advertisements. Sometimes, out of curiosity, I click on a few. Once, I ended up buying a pair of shoes that I found advertised in my email inbox!

Although most of the brands have marketing teams that use email marketing as a medium to reach out to the customers, most of the customers are well aware of these marketing tactics. They can recognize one-email-fits-all patterned marketing emails at once.

So, email marketing strategies should evolve too. What smart email marketing trends can we expect to see in the future? Let’ read below.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is evolving, and that too rapidly. It is only reasonable to take advantage of it and integrate it into digital marketing strategies. 

In the next few years, large reservations containing an accumulation of tons of data are expected. AI seems to be the only sensible option to save, monitor and unite multiple data formats. It can also give insights into customer behavior regarding a specific product.

In the future, AI can be expected to predict market buyer trends, and show what products are more desired in the market. This way, it is probable to consider email marketing as one of the fastest-growing marketing strategies of the future.

Although, this is probably not going to happen somewhere in the near future. AI is quite complex and implementing it would require a lot of effort, and investment.

Personalization of Marketing Content 

Email marketing reaches out to customers in their email inboxes, and that is quite a personal place to advertise. Even if a customer is using a business email account to reach the inbox, they are using a password-protected domain, and this gives the sense of being in a personal usage territory.

Email marketing should be considered as a personalized marketing strategy and should be based on customer behavior. Probably this is the trend we should all expect to see rising in the future.

Having access to tons of personalized data based on customer preferences, choices, and browsing history, email marketing should not lie far behind in personalizing marketing content and targeting the desired audience.

With every passing day, the appearance of preferred advertising is getting less creepy, because people are more open to the convenience of it now. So if it is not one of your already in-use email marketing strategies, now is the time to include it.

And if you are a marketer, and you want to expand your reach limit, you need to follow browsing, purchasing, and web-visiting behaviors of your customers to identify the content that they are most interested in.

This trend is going to get popular further as it will get scientific based on vendors’ choices.

The Growth of Average Order Value (AOV) on Mobile

Keeping in view the past statistics, the average order value (AOV) of mobile was far behind the desktop values. The reason is that when it comes to making big purchases that involve large money transactions, people are more likely to trust grounded places (like from a desktop system placed in an office!).

But online shopping directly from the mobile is getting very popular with the youngsters now, and this trend is likely to see a rise. And based on their pleasant experiences, this will just get better!

Brands and businesses have to take advantage of the situation and make more marketing stuff readily available to mobile users. They can offer more images, videos, customer reviews to help them make the product buying decision sooner. And what better place to do it than the email inbox!

Email Marketing through Storytelling

Have you ever come across an individual who doesn’t appreciate a good story? Neither have I. if you are a business owner or ever the marketer for one, you can take advantage of that fact. I recently watched a documentary on my Contour TV.

It was based on the life of a successful entrepreneur who made it to the top just by being resilient. I kept wondering about the person’s struggle and ended up searching for all his business ventures online.

You too started somewhere. The business was small once. Share the hardships, the memories, and the passion behind it. People would love to relate to those stories and connect to you.

It wouldn’t even cost you too much to just make it pop up in people’s inbox, and make people look up what your business has to offer now.