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So, you are taking your first cruise and feeling excited? Well, you should be because it is your first trip through the sea and more than a just a little different to the other holidays you’re accustomed to. Just like the trip, preparation for it is different too. So, before you start packing, take these tips in your stride to make your tour an unforgettable one!

Don’t waste time on fare comparison

If you are thinking that like other trips you can find the cheapest cruise deal, then it is just an illusion and nothing more. The reason behind this is, every cruise website displays the same charges and there is not even a marginal difference.

However, if you want to save money, then you can plan it out during the off-season because once the schools are shut, families are ready to go for a vacation and cruise lines know this very well. So always plan earlier and go out during off-season if you wish to save money. You could also book your trip on an older ship that charges hundreds of pounds lesser than the new one.

Select the right cabin

You must be wondering as to which cabin you should book – a balcony room or an interior cabin, right? Well, this is your first voyage, so an interior cabin would be a better option because mostly you will be out and won’t be spending much time in the room. Moreover, it will be easy on your pocket too.

But if you want a balcony room, then we must admit, it is absolutely worth it. You will get enough time to get ready in the morning and you can also enjoy the fresh air outside whenever you want to, as well as the stunning views.

Get cruise insurance

Yes, it’s a fact that most of the cruise insurances bought by passengers are not used, but still, it’s always good to have proper travel insurance. It will help you financially to recover the loss due to sickness, travel delays, loss of baggage or any other negative thing that happens to you during your trip.

Pack smartly and don’t forget your passport

Unlike air travels, where you are charged tones of money for extra baggage, on a cruise trip you are free to carry as much luggage as you want. But this doesn’t mean that you go crazy and pack too much.

Pack as less as you can and remember to put your passport and its photocopy in the bag, in case you lose the original one somewhere. If you have packed a large sized bag, then it should be more than enough for you to carry all your stuff.

Yes, you can bring alcohol!

Cruise lines know very well that you are on a vacation and want to have a drink or two and let yourself loose but bear in mind they charge a rather extortionate amount for booze at times.

However, some cruises actually allow you to bring it on board with you, but only one or two bottles. So, we advise you to carry on a few bottles of bubbly if you want to save a few pennies.

Don’t hurry up for embarkation

We know that you are overwhelmed for the sail and want to board first or be first off. But hold your horses and let the line reduce. A normal, big sized cruise has around 4000 passengers on it, so it’s never a good idea to rush to be the first one.

Enjoy free room service

Unlike other vacations, room service is a perk on the cruise. You can order lunch or breakfast if you don’t want to go to the buffet. However, some cruises charge for certain items on the menu when you order late at night, but again, this is clearly mentioned in their menu so you can order accordingly.

Turn the mobile off

You will surely not want to receive a sky-high phone bill once you are back from the trip. It might be because either your phone is connected with a roaming tower and charging you all those international call rates or using the cell phone data for downloading messages and updating apps.

In either case, you are not aware of the fact that you have been speeding up the phone bill. So, it’s better to keep it either in airplane mode or switch it off. This way, you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest too.

Bring a night lamp

The cruise cabins are dark, new and unfamiliar for you, especially the interior cabins, as they don’t even have windows so that the light entering in can guide you. What if you want to go to the washroom in the middle of the night?

You might walk into a piece of furniture or burn yourself on a cozy radiator on the wall, so it’s better to save yourself from these uncertain and small accidents, and carry a night lamp along with you.

Now that you know what to keep in mind, prepare well and go get yourself a memorable trip.

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