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It is hard to believe that we have almost completed two decades of living in the post-millennium and 2020 is just around the corner. With these years passing on there has been a lot of development in a number of sectors including field service management field.

Right from software solutions to work order management practices and mobile apps, work practices have pretty much changed today. Amidst so many developments happening in and around service sector, year 2020 seems to bring a lot of innovation.

Let’s have a look at the trends that are all set to prevail in the upcoming year and how much growth the industry will see in the new year.

Prominent field service management companies are already looking at 2020 and beyond as the future of the industry looks quite promising to them. So, here are the predictions that companies must keep an eye on to remain a prominent contender in their respective businesses. .

The Usage Of Field Service Mobile App Will Increase

Mobility is the keyword for all the big players in field service management business. In case, you are looking for a field service management software, it is important to look for one that has a mobile component to it. Without the element of mobility there will not be the required efficiency you are looking forward to have in your business.

Field service mobile apps offer easy access. Moreover, sending documents also becomes easier with the help of a mobile app developed specifically for the business. This also becomes easy for the technicians to have access to the service history and other crucial information to help them complete their tasks faster.

IoT Will Outnumber Human Assistance

By 2020, there will be more connected devices in the field service management business than the involvement of professionals in the business. The rise of trends like IoT or Internet of Things and connected devices has become a norm for the industry. Machine to machine learning is how field service management teams are leading their business today to remain successful in their attempts.

With mobile devices being a crucial part of inventory and delivery, the service management business is now much more aligned than it was a few years ago. It is all possible because of connected devices that the industry is moving from preventive maintenance towards predictive maintenance.

AI Will Become An Important Part Of The Industry

Artificial Intelligence is one of the smartest technologies available for field service industries. AI or artificial intelligence is playing a crucial role in bringing automation in the business that further helps technicians in taking informed decisions. With the goodness of AI in your business software, the task related to job scheduling becomes easier too.

If predictions are to be believed, the year 2020 will see a huge rise in the adoption of AI and nearly 10% of all field service work will be automated and monitored by devices powered by AI. That states instead of human technicians a machine will monitor another machine to ensure the work is being done properly.

Analytic Tools Will Change The Face Of The Business

As AI or artificial intelligence will become a major part of field service management software, the industry will require more of analytic tool to keep a tab on the behavior of the business. With focus particularly on this, there will be more emphasis on analytic tools. Data collection and analysis is an important part of overall field service management business.

And AI can largely affect this data of course in favor of the business. The information is being shared between equipment and that data is being processed at a faster rate by AI. It actually paves a smart way for the technicians to keep an eye on the business.

How Will 2020 Look Like?

With a number of innovations happening in field service sector, the future of the industry looks very promising. The technologies that are ushering in the industry are just exceptional for the growth of field service management business and thus the companies in similar business will thrive successfully without a hint of doubt.

The services and the delivery will get better in terms of optimization and there will come greater coordination in the task allocation and the way these jobs are performed. All this will help companies gain much more profit.