When you have a blocked drain in your house, the first thing you want to do is to apply a DIY drain cleaning method. There is a variety of tools available in the market that can make your task easier and more effective. But, you cannot clean the underneath drainage system and you need to hire blocked drain cleaning services to clean your drainage system completely. Here, we have outlined a few helpful tools that you can use when cleaning blocked drains effectively.


Blocked Drains

A conventional plunger or a sink plunger is one of the most effective tools to clean drains. If you have a clogged fixture or sink in your bathroom or kitchen, then you can use a plunger to clean the blocked area. If used in the right way, this tool can do much more than you think it can do. First of all, cover the drain with tape or any other material, and then fill the half part of the drain fixture with water. Finally, grab a tight seal on the drain using your plunger. Minor clogging of blocked drains can be successfully tackled with a good movement of the plunger.


An auger, also known as a drain snake, is an elongated, metal tool that is found to be highly effective in catching, dislodging and removing severely blocked drains. You can use this wire-like, tube-shaped auger to push the blockage through the rest of the drain pipe. An auger has a handle with which you can hold the tool firmly, and then push the rest of the wire through the drain. Some augers have a clasp on one end, which you can adjust to hold and remove junk stuck in the drain.

Bent Wire hanger:

This is an effective tool that you can easily make on your own for handling blocked drains. Take a wire hanger from your closet and straighten it out using needle-nose pliers. Then bend one end of the hanger slightly to create a small loop or handle. Now remove the drain cover and stick the hanger’s hook end into it as far as it goes. Keep holding the handle with a strong grip, and keep jiggling to fish or lift any gunk or hair in the drain. Just make sure that you do not push any junk back into the drain, which may ultimately result in an even bigger clog. Finally, pull out the hanger and remove any gunk stuck in it. Keep repeating until your hanger returns back clean. After cleaning your drain, you can pour some warm water into your drain to clean it completely.

Blocked Drains

Wire Brush:

A wire brush is a special brush designed to clear 2-inch blocked drains. It has a flexible wire that can bend inside the curved drains. Some wire brushes also come with a splash guard that prevents drain gunk from splashing back on you when you are cleaning the drain. The polypropylene bristles of these brushes are sturdy and do not fall apart even with regular use. Some of them also have a ball, in the end, to facilitate smooth gliding through the turns. Whenever you have a clogged drain, just remove the drain cover, insert the wire brush into it and start rotating to dislodge any gunk in it. Apart from that, you can use warm water mixed with vinegar to clean grease and oil from your drainage system.

So, these are some of the tools that you must keep at home to handle blocked drains. The last option is to call professional experts for your help. They may cost a bit, but they are sure to deliver effective and long-lasting results.