Easy Way To Move Students To Cape Sun 2019 Mi / Mts / Ma

Today’s Info – National Examination or commonly called the UN, is still one of the activities that are very important for students who want to continue their education to the level above. So that inevitably students must take this UN. Especially now that the era is completely digital. So, even UN paper-based participant data has now been updated using more sophisticated information technology, one of which is online using Website technology.

The government through the Ministry of Education and Culture hopes that with this website-based National Examination UN it can provide convenience for data managers, in this case, is the admin at the central level, admin at the regional level as well as admin at the institution and user level, in this case, our students.

There are several processes or procedures that must be surpassed before the implementation of the National Examination, including transferring data of active status students to CAPE SUN students (Prospective National Examination Participants) and the next is entering students into the BIOUN (Biodata National Exam) mocospace page.

Well, this time we will discuss the important procedures/things that must be done by the operator/admin at the institution level under the auspices of the Ministry of Religion (MI / MTs / MA) in terms of transferring active status students to CAPE SUN. Previously you have to prepare valid data first from students and parents. Also related files such as photocopies of diplomas, SKHUN, along with copies of family cards. Following are the steps:


#1. Institution Data

Do not forget when in the details of the institution’s data to fill/check the department if the MA level. to forget the moment in detail the data agencies to fill /menace Klis majors when the level of MA.when  level MA.


#2. Facility Data Learning Groups

Why do you have to make a class, that is, it will be used to place cape sun students into the study groups they now occupy.


#3. Data on Study Groups

This menu has a function as a regulator as well as checking the number of students in a series that has been made before


#4. Setting Rombel

This process is the function of placing students in accordance with the classes they have. students will automatically be sorted alphabetically. So that the order of absence/attendance for each student will be adjusted in alphabetical order of student names.


#5. Edit Data Capesun

This stage is a stage that can be said to be a tiring stage because the admin/operator of the institution must check the truth of the students according to the files they have, starting from the data of students to parents.


#6. Final Stage

Well, this stage is the final stage or can be said to be the core stage of the previous phase sequence, which is to move students who are active and who have valid data into the list of CAPE SUN students. So that you will get one file ending in .ez. This file will be used to upload CAPE SUN student data to anilinkz BIOUN Web online.