leggings for girls

Ah, leggings. The modern fashion staple that’s amazingly comfortable, wonderfully stretchy, and highly stylish – if you know what you’re doing. These days you’ll find leggings at the center of fashion in every part of your life, from grocery store errands to hot yoga classes and even around the office. It’s no wonder why; leggings are twice as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans and make your legs look amazing.

But as with any style, there are certain fashion faux pas you have to keep in mind when you’re pulling together your trendy new look. Whether you’re looking to find the right Dressy Tunic Tops To Wear With Leggings around the office, or choosing the best legging cut to suit your body shape, knowing the do’s and do not’s of this stunning modern look is essential if you don’t want to look like a fashion disaster!

First things first, you have to know where you’re shopping. The legging look is one of those styles that suits all lifestyles and ages, but you can still run into the danger of dressing inappropriately for your age group if you aren’t careful. Be cautious of mall shops – many are aimed toward the younger crowd and will detract from the sophisticated and mature style you’re working to build. Instead, find a boutique dedicated to adult women and modern fashions.

Four Seasons is the perfect fit – they work tirelessly to keep their styles up to date with the current trends, so you can always trust the tunic tops you find in their stores are chic and stylish. Four Seasons is also dedicated to providing high quality, fashionable clothing to all women, including plus and petite sizes, and they offer a wide range of mature brands and styles. Best of all, you can even shop online at FourSeasonsDirect.com and have your favorite garments shipped straight to you!

Once you’ve found the right place to shop, you should consider your body shape. Leggings come in a variety of cuts and each style serves a different purpose. High waisted leggings are wonderful at hiding a rounder belly, for example, especially when paired with the loose and flowing fabric of a tunic top.

Which brings us to your next step – building the rest of the outfit. Body shape absolutely plays a role here as well. Remember that the tight fit of leggings will accentuate all of your lower body’s natural curves, so knowing your problem areas will help you decide how to build the rest of your look.

If you’re self-conscious about your thighs, choose longer dressy tunic tops to wear with leggings that over accentuate that area. The tunic top will hide your thighs, while the leggings will showcase your beautiful calves and make your legs look so much better than you had thought possible!

At Four Seasons Direct, you can find a wide range of dressy tunic tops to wear with leggings in all different cuts and styles. Choose asymmetrical tops to create an illusion of curves around the waist or boatneck tunic tops for a more slimming look.

With leggings and tunic tops it’s crucial to balance your outfit as well – with the wide and flowing style of a tunic top leading down into the slender shapes of leggings, you’ll need a wider shoe like a wedge to keep the look stylish and balanced. Browse through Four Seasons Direct and draw inspiration from the preview images of all their beautiful tunic tops and leggings, and soon you’ll be the epitome of fashion at the office!

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