We all have seen that very material whether it is made of metal or iron has been traced by the specific number and name. This is the technique through which the company gets to know about its created product with serial number. In the metal and iron writing, something is not an easy task as it needs a hard tool.

It is the reason people use dot peen marking technology that allows direct marking process and it is a 100% reliable process. It is the process that offers high-quality markings that do not easily get faded from the product. The technology also offers a quick and consistent marking process and allows the company owner to increases production rate.

With the use of dot peen marking technology, you do not need to rework or scrap the product again as they get improper product identification. Once you will mark the product using the process then it gets permanently in there and allows easily identify the product.

Dot Peen Marking Technology

Dot Peen marking is the engraving machine that offers high performance and rapid solution to the industrial work. It is one of the best industrial marking solutions and it works by striking a carbide against the surface that has to be marked. Then you can explore excellent outcome where can seek the creation of digits, text, 2D matrix codes, and logos using the dots.

It is the process in which pulsed current runs against the solenoid and punches the magnet towards the surface. Then it returns to the starting position in the stylus and awaits for the next pulse. This is because each pulse has a fraction of second and it also depends on the size.

While marking on the frequency of the product can also be adjusted by controlling the speed of X and Y axes movements. Dot peen marking technology is the best and unique one as it has a constant measurement of the electrical current running between each pulse. This way, it can easily control the impact of consistency.

Fast and independent Dot peen marking machine

With the use of dot peen marking technology can easily engrave the impression on the surface of the product using the vibrant tool. In this, you can also seek two types of marking facility such as:

  • Direct marking
  • Permanent and tamper-proof marking

It is the technology that offers the completion of work in a fast and reliable manner. The technology also does not create any breakage point and it is the reason the system offers perfect marking without any error.

This is the technology that provides deep and fast marking on the raw material even on the small machine surface also. With the use of technology, you can also grab the work under the budget without shaking pocket and it is due to the no use of consumables in the machine.

The dot peen marking offer quick and independent marking on all types of shapes and surface.

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