Being an IAS officer is a matter of pride for not just the individual who has got the reputed rank of the officer but for their family and friends too. The reason behind this is that not only the candidate will serve the nation and make it better for everyone around him but also cracking IAS exams is a dream for many and only a handful are able to achieve the fruit of glory. It takes not only dedication but also a passion for studies and then only a candidate might clear the phases of the exam and achieve the rank in the department.

But, becoming clearing UPSC exams is not a piece of cake or what we say a walk in the park. There are countless hurdles and challenges that the aspirants have to face and overcome in order to achieve something great. So, today we are going to talk about a number of aspects that a candidate must do and also we will discuss some factors that aspirants must not practise and keep themselves away from such things. So, without further ado, let us get started.

Essential things that an IAS Aspirant must DO

Here is a list of factors that you as an IAS aspirant must follow while you are preparing for the examination. Some of the factors might sound like cliché but these are as essential for the practice as any other. So, make sure to follow them in order to make your results better.

  • Join a coaching Institute: Now, some might argue that coaching institutes are not necessary and an aspirant can study all by themselves. Though you can prepare without joining an IAS Foundation course only if you can manage to gather all the books covering up the syllabus of the various subjects and also, can manage to keep up with the current affairs. These are some of the many things that you will have to do on your own. This is something which is quite tough for a non-working student and just in case you are a working aspirant then, managing all of this while dedicating hours to your curriculum is out of the picture. There a number of IAS Coaching in India, but you need to make sure that the one you are joining is cream of the crop. Institutes like EDEN IAS have a great track record and their reputation is quite commendable. So, you can check out their website for further information.
  • Reading relevant books: Most of the students who fail to crack the exams say that they read on a regular basis and still failed to clear the exam. Now, the problem here is not that you did not dedicate enough time in studying. But, the book you are learning from is the problem itself. This is why choosing the right book is essential. You might be a brilliant student but if you do not get the right material, things won’t be as smooth as they might have been otherwise.
  • Make a schedule: Whether it is UPSC or any other competitive exam, a schedule is what makes or breaks your dream. If you do not dedicate enough hours in your studies then there is nothing that can help you to crack the exam. So, this is where you can take help from your teachers at the institute where you pursue IAS Foundation course. They will listen through your daily activity and things that you have to dedicate time to every day. Once, they analyse your availability, they will offer you a time table which will be perfect for your preparation.

Things that you must AVOID as an IAS Aspirant

Just like there are things that you must do, there are also a plethora of factors that you should avoid at all costs. So, here are some of the many aspects that will be beneficial for you to avoid:

  • Don’t avoid mocks: Mocks are groundbreaking. You must never skip the opportunity to appear in them. Buy mock series from any IAS Coaching in Delhi and practice through them rigorously.
  • Don’t lose hope: Maybe in the beginning months, you will feel overwhelmed by the entire syllabus. But, this is the phase where achievers and quitters are diversified. Look at your goal and follow it with all your heart.

So, these are some of the aspects that you should look forward to while preparing for IAS exams. UPSC coaching institutes in Delhi are a great way to boost your preparation manifold.