Breadcrumbs, Yum! The very sound of the word can make mouths water in an instant. For some, they may just be the crust of a bread slice which they might even chuck away. But those who specially and carefully preserve them to make some delectable recipes out of them know it’s true worth.

Interested? So keep reading how you can use an old bread crust to make some mouth-watering dishes for you and your loved ones.

10 Best Ways to Use Breadcrumbs in your Cooking

Appetizing Schnitzels

They are simply amazing in taste and a particular favorite among teenage taste buds. You can even consider double crumbing layers for extra crunch and taste. Not to forget, they become doubly filling too, so perfect for your little hunger birds at home.

Baby Food Addition

Finding it difficult to feed your toddler healthy veggies? If they have no known allergies to wheat, you may add a few teaspoons of fresh bread crumbs to their bowl of veggie meal. Not only would they finish it up in one go, they may even stay happier for long (because of the extra wheat bulk added). Also a good idea to introduce whole grains in their diet.

Chicken and Fish Nuggets

Who doesn’t like nuggets? Chicken and fish ones – all-time favorite with a lip-smacking dip. Just throw in a handful of bread crusts to chicken tenderloins or white fish fillet for that “can’t have enough of it” crunch and taste. They are kids’ favorite too.


Just like nuggets, you can crumb up sausages, lamb chops, and even cutlets. They lend an amazing taste to rolls, burgers and wraps, while adding an extra bulk to the meal, making it healthy, wholesome, and of course yummier.

Salad topping

This one’s really innovative and a great idea to make young ones get started on eating raw vegetables in the form of salads. Instead of dips and creamy sauces, try a handful of bread crumbs, nicely crushed and topped up on salads as dressings. You can even top up your pastas and soups with crumbs for added taste.

To make them yummier, consider sprinkling some herbs, seasoning, and extra virgin olive oil. This will make the dish tastier and healthier too. You can also toast the bread crumbs lightly and sprinkle them over hot soups in place of hard croutons.

Crumbed Fish

Mmm…this one’s a sure shot must-try. Crumb up your fish before frying it for that extra crunch. And for added flavor, don’t forget to put lots of lemon, pepper and freshly chopped parsley to the crumbs. You sure can’t resist this one.

Orange Tunisian Cake

Not just salty and sour meals but bread crumbs are value add to a lot of desserts too, including this one. You can consider reducing the quantity of almonds added to the cake recipe and instead add breadcrumbs. Try crumbing up heavy chocolate mud cakes – they become simply irresistible, while adding excellent texture to the cakes.

Tasty and Healthy Bruschetta

When preparing your favorite Bruschetta mixture, throw in a handful of bread crusts to ripe tomatoes, basil, Spanish onion, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Cheesy Noodle Cutlets

Another favorite with kids, you’ll make them keep wanting more every now and then. As the name suggests, these cutlets have cheese and noodles in their recipe, but the exciting secret ingredient is, you guessed it right – breadcrumbs! Crumb up your cutlets and enjoy the crunch in every bite.

Garlic Spaghetti Bake

Top up this cheesy bake with loads of breadcrumbs for that extra crunchy layer. Garlic cooked in white sauce topped with breadcrumbs is an evergreen hit recipe.

How to Make your Breadcrumbs Tastier?

Your bread crusts need not always be simple and boring. Just like adding them to dishes can help spice up the latter, you can even consider spicing up your breadcrumbs itself! Here are a few simple tips to make some flavorsome breadcrumbs –

  • Sprinkle some neatly chopped fresh or dried herbs on your crusts.
  • Add a chunk of parmesan cheese while processing breadcrumbs.
  • Nut lovers can add a handful of pine nuts or roasted almonds.
  • For those who like real spicy stuff, then chili flakes, cayenne pepper, and Moroccan seasoning would really appease your taste buds.

How to Make Breadcrumbs at Home?

Forget the store-bought ones; they are unnecessarily expensive, plus they either expire until next use or get soggy sitting around in the kitchen. The best way is to make your own fresh at home, as and when you need them. They are a 5-minute job, literally and they taste yummy. Try them today. Here’s what you’ll need –

  • 2 slices of plain bread (brown for healthier option, else white would do)
  • Bread crumb seasoning (for seasoned crumbs)#


  • Heat a skillet and lightly roast the bread slices on them until brown (we don’t want burnt crumbs so make sure to remove them from the skillet well in time).
  • Leave the toast slices aside for 5 minutes to let them cool down a bit.
  • Then tear the slices into small bits and add them to a food processor until you get nice, flaky crumbs. Don’t fine process them – you’d want them slightly flaky for that crunchy flavor.
  • If you like your crusts seasoned, add a pinch or two or seasoning to your crumbs.

Now you’re ready to use your crumbs any way you like.


Can’t wait to try your hand at one of these recipes today? Well go for them and collect loads of compliments your way. Then you’ll know why it was a wise decision not to chuck away your old and stale bread crusts in the bin, after all. There are loads of other recipes you can try out with breadcrumbs. Just put on your thinking cap and don’t forget to share one with us in this space too. Happy cooking!