Different types of Notaries

The duties of a notary public involve overseeing the passing of several legal documents. Based on the types of documents, the types of notaries would include the following:

  1. Acknowledgements: The main aim of the acknowledgement would be to ensure that the person who signs the document is genuine and that they have signed the documents voluntarily. These acknowledgements are essential for documents which concern valuable assets like deeds, trust deeds, mortgages and so on.
  2. Jurat: The main purpose of the jurat is for the person signing it to swear and affirm that all the contents of the document are authentic and true. It is also known as affidavit and verification affirmation. For the jurat, the person who signs the documents will have to personally appear and sign the document in the presence of the notary public. The notary public will then administer an affirmation oath from the signer that the contents of the document are all true.
  3. Oaths and affirmations: There can be certain instances in which client can require a notary public to administer oaths and affirmations orally and not from a jurat or written document. This is a verbal oath and it is done to make a client resort to truthfulness.
  4. Certifying copies: Certifying copies would confirm that an original legal document has reproduced and the reproduced document is full and true and also an accurate transcription of the initial and original document. The documents which require such certified copies can include things like driver’s license, contracts, rent agreements, diplomas, vehicular titles, medical transcripts and records, social security records and cards, invoices and sales bills. In order to perform copy certifications, it is important that the individual who has the original documents should take them to the notary public. The notary public will then make an initial photocopy of that document and then provide a certificate on the copy to confirm that that photocopy is indeed true and is an accurate copy of the first original document. Lot of notary publics from the USA do this act of notarization.
  5. Witnessing signatures: There are certain states in the United States like Colorado or Pennsylvania which authorize notaries to make signature witnessing also. This notary action will ensure that the notary certifies an individual who appears before the notary to be someone who that individual claims to be and the sign that is recorded will the sign of that individual that is before them.

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The notary public is as important part of the legal system of the United States. They are essential in certifying a number of documents and pledges to be authentic and genuine. Mobile Notary Service have different duties in different states but in general they are all mostly similar. It is important to have a notary to witness all legal and business deals which involve sale and transfer of properties. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.