DevCycle announced the launch of A/B Testing & Experimentation, new functionality providing engineering teams instant insight into the impacts of deployed features.

DevCycle has released market-leading functionality, unlocking Experimentation and A/B Testing capabilities for feature releases. This new functionality enables leading teams to embed Experiments at all levels of their application stack. Experiments can be A/B or Multivariate, leveraging built-in distribution models, or augmented via API to run multi-armed bandit tests.

Some of the most popular use-cases are:

  • A new feature is released behind a flag and is measured against premium subscription conversions, validating if the new feature is improving revenue.
  • An infrastructure refactor is deployed with error rates tracked to ensure the intended improvement is observed.
  • A new SDK can be released while tied to response time and latency metrics, ensuring the user experience is improved via new tooling.

“Every time any feature is released, we look to DevCycle to test different approaches,” says Michael Yan, CTO of Heliolytics. “We’re able to safely release with DevCycle, and now with the ability to experiment we’re able to elevate everything we release by testing things out live!”

All of the metrics used in DevCycle’s experimentation functionality are so teams can view the impact all features have on any given metric. With this, any hidden impacts a feature has will become immediately obvious, without requiring additional analytics.

“Our team at DevCycle has roots in experimentation and A/B testing,” says Cobi Druxerman, DevCycle’s VP of Product. “So we leveraged our deep understanding to build a platform for engineers, giving development teams powerful methods of testing along with easy-to-interpret metrics.”

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Experimentation is available now on all plans and any user can create experiments in minutes. Use DevCycle Experimentation today and test your feature releases to see their impact in real-time.

Head over to DevCycle’s documentation to learn more.

About DevCycle DevCycle is the leading feature management platform trusted by companies of all sizes to improve their software development process and ship features faster with confidence. DevCycle offers feature flags, A/B testing, and integrations with popular development tools like GitHub, Jira, and Slack. For more information about DevCycle or to sign up for a free account, visit

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