cocktail dress code

Events that require participants to wear strict clothing in White or Black Tie style are gradually fading into oblivion.

They are being replaced by less formal parties in the Cocktail style, which allow you to show some imagination and add a style of brightness, as in the photo. Let’s start with dress codes of cocktail attire for men and women.

When it can be Wear?

COCKTAIL ATTIRE – an event that is usually prescribed for 4-5 hours in the evening with an average duration of 3-4 hours.

These activities include:

  • Exhibition Opening;
  • Banquets in Honor Of The Anniversary Of The Organization;
  • Presentations
  • Business Receptions;
  • Movie Premieres;
  • Corporate Banquets;
  • Dinner Parties
  • Some Family Celebrations.

During the meeting, its participants are free to move around the room, communicate with each other, try drinks and snacks that the waiters deliver. Invitations to such events will indicate the “Cocktail” uniform, but even if it is absent one can be sure that this is implied.

Selection of Cocktail Dress:

When choosing clothes are guided by the following rules:

  1. Men’s Suit should be made of high-quality natural materials, the shirt before the event is carefully ironed, and the color scheme is selected depending on the type of cocktail that is indicated on the invitation;
  2. Women’s Dresses and trouser suits can be made of any fabrics, they are usually called “dresses for cocktails”, and the length and style of dresses are governed by the degree of solemnity of the event and the age of the lady. Also, at most events, girls can not appear without stockings or tights.

Selection of Fabric and Shades for Evening:

There are general rules:

  • Bright floral prints are inappropriate in autumn and winter, fur details in spring and summer.
  • Summer dresses should be several tones lighter than winter ones.
  • You should be careful with open shoes and transparent fabrics: often they look great only on the stars walking along the red carpet.

Inappropriate for all types of cocktails are dresses of oversize and baby-dollar styles: more strict lines are welcomed, and not emphasized negligence.

What about Shoes?

  • Men’s shoes for a cocktail should be made of leather, have a classic shape (only at social events non-standard elongated or other forms of the toe are acceptable). The color is matched to the suit and should be in tone with him or combine well.
  • Women’s cocktail shoes have a high heel (from 8 cm and more), a thin hairpin and a sharp cape for most of the events. On secular and classic cocktail sandals and open shoes from different materials are acceptable, but at the same time, they should not have a “beach” look.


The rule regarding accessories is only one: they should not be in excess. Men can choose a tie, a scarf in their pocket or a buttonhole, as well as an exquisite classic watch.

As for the girls – the number of jewelry should not exceed 2-3 pieces, but it does not have to be a set of jewelry. With a competent combination, quality jewelry is allowed.

For Business:

The format of events implying such a style is more rigorous and has a limited circle of invited persons. Invitations to such a meeting rarely include the opportunity to bring a companion with you.

Communication takes place on business topics between colleagues and partners of one or more companies.

  • For men, this event, the most appropriate would be a classic suit in black or gray and a white plain shirt. Business style does not tolerate bright ties and unbuttoned shirts. A strict butterfly is also possible. Shoes should be leather (oxford or derby), black or gray, and socks – a tone darker than the trousers or to match them.

Women for business cocktails wear sheath dresses that cover their shoulders, knee-length, dark shades, high-quality pair of jewelry will be appropriate: bracelet and earrings, earrings and pendant, ring and earrings. Shoes should have a closed heel and toe and have a heel of at least 8 cm.