mining rig

Cryptocurrency nowadays is one of the most talked themes in the world. For those who already know how cryptocurrency works and want to be a part of it, we have some great advice on how you should start with a low budget.

The most important thing to know about mining is that how much you invest the bigger return income is. For starters that want to grow through time, we assembled rig set from a range of 500$ to a 1000$ price.

For you to mine, you don’t need a powerful computer, you just need a very powerful graphics card. Don’t try to assemble mining through a strong laptop, they almost never have enough powerful graphics card, and when they do they don’t have good enough cooling to not cause permanent damage to your system. Don’t try to mine if you have an Intel integrated graphics, they are not built to run 24/7, and they wouldn’t mine enough to be worthwhile.

To save the money your best choice is to buy used but strong parts that have a low price. The first part of your starter mining rig is CPU(central processing unit). What we recommend is Intel Celeron 3900 [Amazon] or 3930 that goes around 50$ US. It has 2 cores and 2 threads but most importantly, low power consumption. The goal of building a mining rig is that you want everything consuming as little extra power as possible.

For motherboards, we have chosen the MSI H110M [Amazon] that has few extra PCIe connectors in addition to the main one you will use for your primary graphics card. With the help of riser cables, you will be able to plug several graphics cards into the slots. The cost is around 80$ US.

When we talk about RAM, you can get cheapest there is, but to make sure in case you want to expand we recommend a Hynix 8GB DDR4 RAM Module [Amazon] for 90$.

For storage, the best choice to go with is a cheap solid-state drive like an ADATA 128GB SSD [Amazon], that goes for around 50$ US. SSDs draw less power than a hard drive so it will reduce the overall power consumption of your rig but also give you much faster loading into the operating system when you have to reboot the system.

For a case for your mining rig, we differ from a normal gaming PC. When it comes to mining, you don’t really need a chassis to hold your parts in. Going open air you will get better temperatures and when you decide to get serious and buy more GPUs(graphics processing unit) you’re going to want to buy an open-air case to fit all the graphics cards in but still provide decent airflow. The simple open-air case goes around 180$ US, or you can do what many miners do, and use a milk crate and zip ties.

The last two parts go hand in hand, your power supply, and your graphics card, depending on which graphics card you want to get will determine how much power you need for your system. For upgrading to a multi-card mining rig down the line you can just combine two lower wattage power supplies to allow you to power more graphics cards with a simple adapter. What we recommend is 500 watts power supply like EVGA 500 W1 [Amazon]  that goes around 40$ US and adapters are about 7$. Last part that you need is a strong graphics card. One of the most popular graphics cards now is the PowerColor VGA – AXRX 580 8GBD5-3DH/OC [Amazon]. When it comes to pricing it is around 490$ US. When we combine the prices of all parts we get a full price of 987$ US. If you forgo the open-air case in favor of a milk crate, you can save some money and put it towards a more efficient power supply.

In case you just want to keep it to single GPU rig, prices go down even further. We would stick to Intel Celeron 3900 [Amazon] that goes around 50$ US. For the motherboard, we can go cheaper and get a GIGABYTE GA-H110M Micro ATX DDR4 Motherboard. Price at the moment on Amazon is 55$. RAM is not the crucial thing about mining so we can go down to 4GB and get cheapest DDR4 like This. To minimize the power draw of the system that will influence the profits that you can get out of the machine we will stick to the ADATA 128GB that you can get for 50$. As we said for mining you don’t need a chassis to hold your parts in, so head down to Home Depot and pick up a milk crate for $6. The power supply is an important factor so we chose to stick to EVGA 500 W1 that costs around 40$. Upgrading this to a more efficient power supply is a good option if electricity is expensive in your location, but we’re trying to keep everything as cheap as possible here. Graphics card is the most important part of the mining rig so you need to focus your budget on it. To get somewhere with mining and buy as cheap as you can we recommend MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6GB. It seems to be going for around 299$ right now, which is a pretty solid deal. All in all, the low budget rig will cost you around 550 – 600$. One thing we didn’t talk about is cooling. You can take coolers out of your old PC and save money. Yes, cooling is a very important thing, but with a cheap set, heating doesn’t go over the charts, that’s why we don’t use chassis and stick to normal cooling or good advice is to keep your room cool where your rig is located.

With this rig set, you should get back what you invested in around 5 months, depends on how much your kWh costs in your country. Mining is a risky investment because everything depends on cryptocurrency and new, strong technology coming out.

There are also Zec miners are available into the market. These are plug n play type of miners just connect to the internet and start making a profit from it here the article that will help you to choose best one Profitable ZEC Miner and Best Equihash Miner 2019.

In a future article, we will get into the things you should be doing to keep your mining as profitable as possible. Stay tuned!