Christmas Lights

With the holiday season fast approaching it’s time to think about purchasing Christmas lights to decorate the inside or outside of the home. Beyond any religious significance, Christmas lights also provide a bit of cheer in the winter darkness when long nights reign. Whether using led rope lights in warm white or blue or strings of multi-colored flashing snowflakes or chili peppers or just traditional bulbs, Christmas lights create winter ambiance a plenty inside and outside the home. Here are the best styles of Christmas light decorations to look for.

LED Rope Lights

LED rope lights are great for lighting up the exterior of a home or creating a liner around a room whether for the Christmas season or to light up a party. It is an easy and cost-effective type of lighting, and depending on the brand purchased, LED rope lights come in hundreds of different color variations and are sold in reels with end capes, power cords, and clips to make the lighting project easier.

GE Colorite LED Christmas lights

GE Colorite bulbs are great for indoor decoration, whether on a Christmas tree, or just lighting up a mantle or a room. They are available in multicolor strands of either 50 bulbs or 100 bulbs. LEDs are popular because they are safer, more durable, use less electricity, and last longer than traditional incandescent lights, but on the downside LED lights also don’t glow the way traditional incandescent bulbs do. That said, of the LED light strings out there, the GE Colorite does a good job of mimicking an incandescent bulb.

Clear Mini Christmas Lights

These are the most basic Christmas lights and the ones that work best wrapped around trees inside. Mini Christmas lights come in a variety of colors, although light green wire and a clear white bulb are the most traditional style. One brand to look for is GE, which makes a String-A-Long light set featuring 100 bulbs.

5MM Blue LED Strand

The blue 5MM LED strand works well for either indoor Christmas décor (they look great on a Christmas tree) or for providing a pop of color when decorating the exterior of the home. These lights come with 70 bulbs per strand and are energy star rated. The bulbs are also very durable and will stand up to inclement weather.

Multicolor Incandescent Christmas Light Bulbs

Incandescent lights don’t last as long as LED lights with bulbs burning out quicker and also sucking up more energy. But, they also give out a really cool glow that LED lights just don’t quite have. Check out 7-watt C9 Christmas light bulbs for outdoor holiday lighting – they are larger sized and brighter thanks to higher wattage, which makes them great for lighting up live trees for instance.

Christmas Net Lights

Net lights are awesome for creating huge outdoor holiday tableaus that require lots of lighting. With dimensions ranging from 12 to 24 square feet, Christmas net lights cover a lot of area especially when multiple sets are connected to each other. Choose from a variety of bright neon colors and wrap them around tree trucks or on top of bushes to light the home’s exterior alive with neon glowing cheer.Christmas Lights

How to Buy Christmas Lights on eBay

To purchase Christmas lights on eBay simply enter what style of light one is searching for into the box found on every page of the website. Search for ” LED rope lights,” then type those words into the box. Once results arrive, ticking the boxes on the left hand side of the page will narrow by options like shipping cost, length and color.