madhya pradesh historical places

Located right in the heart of the country, Madhya Pradesh has traditional Indian ethos embedded in its very fabric. The state narrates a compelling history of traditional India through its erotic cravings of Khajuraho, enchanting Hindu temples, and river banks of Ujjain. For history buffs, Madhya Pradesh is a place to explore and get a taste of adventure.

Opening a window to past, besides ancient Indian temples, the state also boasts exotic Islamic and Buddhist relics as well. The reasons why historians from all around the world visit this place are numerous but here we mention a selected few of them.


Comprising 20 temples showcasing erotic sculptures, Khajurao palace is a place to behold and discuss history. Designed in Indo-Aryan archetype, the temple dates back to 10th and 11th century. Each year a week long classical dance festival is organized during late February that showcases the stories of ancient Madhya Pradesh and stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Bhojpur Temple

Popularly known as ‘Bhojeshwar Temple’, this ancient relic has a legacy dating back to 11th century. The temple was built in the reign of Raja Bhoj dedicated to lord Shiva. Located almost 28 Km away from the main city of Bhopal, the temple is located in serene surroundings by good amount of flora and fauna. Also known as the ‘Somnath of the East’, the temple houses the largest stone of Shivlinga that is 7.5 ft. and 18ft. in circumference.

State Archeological Museum

This museum is a perfect place for dedicated history buffs. Showcasing the ancient art, culture, and history of Madhya Pradesh, this lovely museum showcases ancient paintings and sculptures that give vibes of true ethos of ancient Madhya Pradesh. The temple also houses the magnificent collection of carved sculptures of Lakshmi, Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh that attracts the attention of lot of onlookers.

The Gwalior Fort

Towering over the majestic city of Gwalior, this enchanting fort is just two hour drive away from Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Reputed to be the most invincible forts of India, the lovely fort dates back to almost 1000 years. The fort houses some magnificent palaces and temples, the lovely Man Mandir Palace being one of them.


Located on the banks of Betwa River, the place exudes a medieval charm. Sprinkled with lovely peaceful palaces, temples, and ancient relics, the city is located almost an hour away from bustling city of Gwalior. The lovely and gigantic Jahangir Mahal are some of its go-to places and beautifully adorned with luxury.

Madhya Pradesh is a place for historians and those who find solace in finding their roots. Book a lovely resort in MP and save yourself for a lovely experience of art, culture, and history.