Beautiful beach to visit during spring

There’s something so attractive about visiting a beautiful beach. Dramatic sunsets, long strolls, calm waters, and the never-ending blue horizon, what’s not to like about a beach.

Moreover, if you have a diverse interest in gastronomic affairs, seafood is another valid attraction that a beach vacation offers.

And with Spring just around the corner, it’s almost time to plan a much-needed spring break!

Have you thought about planning a beach vacation? Think about it – lounging by the beach, sipping on chilled beers, and coming back with a killer tan, tempting, right?

5 Beautiful beach to visit during spring

Scroll down and check out the five most beautiful beaches perfect for planning your next vacation!

#1. Smathers Beach at Key West in Florida

Smathers Beach is located in the sun-baked region of Florida dep inside Key West.

The southernmost point of the U.S., Smathers Beach, also happens to be a probable source of inspiration for Margaritaville, the famous song by Jimmy Buffet.

Rent a pretty convertible and drive for 90 minutes to reach this scenic beach. This is not just a beautiful beach but the sort of beautiful one where you fall in love at first sight.

Did you know that the great Ernest Hemingway actually wrote some of his best works in this gorgeous hamlet not just writing, he drank quite a lot here too!

Guess what, you can do the same too! If you are still not convinced, check out all the things you can do here!

The longest beach in Key West, Smathers Beach offers so much to visitors.

  • Soak up all the Sun that you can get and rock that tan.
  • Don’t forget to hit the Sunset Pier located near Mallory Square and enjoy the flavor of regular celebrations.
  • Check out local delicacies with dinner reservations at Blue Heaven or Bodega, located in Santiago.
  • Explore the nightlife and hit cool pubs like Schooner Wharf Bar, Rick’s Tree Bar, and the Green Parrot.

#2. Surfside Beach At South Shore In Nan Tucket

Nantucket is a pretty small island, stretching for 82 miles along the shoreline, located near Massachusetts. The area is pretty famous for beautiful Nantucket beaches like the,

  • Jetties Beach on the north shore
  • Surfside Beach on the south shore
  • Madaket Beach on the west shore
  • Siasconset Beach on the east shore, and
  • Cisco Beach on the south shore

However, our focus here is Surfside Beach, located on the south shore of the Nantucket islands.

Famous for its surfing community and other activity sports like boogie boarding, tourists can actually enjoy the high surf and rough ocean by engaging with the sport since the area is perfect for catching waves.

One of the most popular beaches in Nantucket, Surfside Beach has so much to offer in terms of amenities like,

  • Shuttle services
  • Rentals for water sports
  • Parking
  • Concessions
  • Restrooms, etc.

#3. Montego Bay In Jamaica

What’s better than a much-needed Spring Break on the tropical island Bob Marley hails from! The moment you set foot on the beautiful beach in Montego Bay, you will realize what Marley was talking about,

  • “Is this love – is this love – is this love
  • Is this love that I’m feelin’?”

Yes, it is love! The beautiful Doctor’s Cave Beach is probably the best beach that you will visit in Jamaica – this 1000 ft. long beach has crystal clear water that stays calm, and warm locals are always ready to mingle.

You can also check out the small boats present on the beach – if you are into activities like snorkeling, these boats can take you out for the same.

#4. Alamitos Bay At Long Beach In California

The west coast has been a hotspot for all spring breakers, and there’s no reason why you should miss it! Moreover, the whole beach scene is pretty cool in this area.

From renting out kayaks to going kiteboarding, there’s so much that you can do in California. The exotic nightlife at Long Beach also has much to offer – from jazz clubs to Latin lounges, the options are many.

The downtown section of Long Beach has undergone some much-needed transformation. After all, trends attract young people, and the place is buzzing with trendy, upcoming cafeterias. You can rent a car and visit many local areas like,

  • Beverly Hills,
  • Santa Monica,
  • Hollywood

By chance, if you are heading to the west beach side in the month of April, you cannot miss the Long Beach Grand Prix Formula One race at all!

#5. Chincoteague Island In Virginia

If you are traveling with kids, the best thing you can do in this context is hit Chincoteague Island, located in the eastern shore region of Virginia.

It’s just one morning drive away from Washington DC. In addition, the area has such a beautiful beach that you can spend weeks here, much before the whole spring break crowd appears.

Moreover, the stunning Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge is kept open the entire year. The barrier island is 37 miles long and faces the mighty Atlantic Ocean.

As a result, the area makes up 800 acres of the Assateague State Park which also happens to be perhaps the last underdeveloped rural shoreline of the eastern coast.

Wrapping Up:

Finding a beautiful beach might not be a complex task but at the same time, finding the world’s most beautiful ones need vision. So, if you find one, visit the place for sure. Because what’s the point of reading all about it when you are never going to visit.

Pack your bags and land on a beautiful beach this Spring! And don’t forget to let us know in the comments below about your upcoming Spring vacation plans.

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