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news-quote”>This is a curriculum that seeks to give more to those who often receive less—more books, more writing, and more support. I look forward to seeing where our brilliant owners take this organization next.

American Reading Company (ARC), developer of the highly rated, state-of-the-art curriculum ARC Core, has become 100 percent employee owned. This week, ARC transferred stock into an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and is now a company not only founded and run by educators but owned by educators as well.

“I’ve long believed that the best solutions to educational challenges come from those who have been closest to the classroom or have direct experience with the education system,” said founder and CEO Jane Hileman. “ARC is not your traditional business, and the main reason why is the people who work here.

This is a business where a vice principal with skill in logistics became the senior executive in charge of supply chain and a receptionist grew into the role of chief operating officer. It’s a place where teachers, principals, and other colleagues cultivate their talents in new ways to lead every department. Employees who act as stewards of the mission and enterprise in such dedicated ways make the transition to an ESOP all the more worthwhile and necessary.”

ARC designed curricula that jump-start children’s interest in reading while supporting their reading development. Of the over 300 ARC staff, many are former ARC Core users who have experienced first-hand the unprecedented progress and joy of both students and educators when their curriculum is systematic, rigorous, and aligned to the highest standards while maintaining flexibility and choice to meet the needs of students. ARC also strives to go beyond commitment to education.

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ARC is B-Corp certified—meaning the company meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability to balance profit and purpose. All ARC releases/”>press titles are manufactured and made in America with vegetable ink. ARC’s newly purchased office and warehouse are being renovated to comply with the highest environmental standards and will include expanded green space.

“When I started on this journey 25 years ago, it was because my experience as a teacher led me to seek ways to support all kids—no matter where they come from or their circumstances—to be lifelong readers and learners,” Hileman says. “Every child deserves an education that not only supports reading development but cultivates a love of reading that can transcend circumstance. This is a curriculum that seeks to give more to those who often receive less—more books, more writing, and more support. I look forward to seeing where our brilliant owners take this organization next.”

About American Reading Company

American Reading Company (ARC) is a diverse, mission-driven organization, headquartered in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, that works to ensure every student reads and writes on or above grade level. ARC works collaboratively to strengthen district and school capacity at every level by placing literacy and agency at the heart of school transformation through foundational skills instruction, reading and writing practice, knowledge-building content, formative assessment, and an integrated tiered system of support.

As a result, all students read, write, discuss, think, investigate, and solve problems at ever-increasing levels of proficiency. ARC partners share a sustained commitment with partner districts to achieve academic success for every student.

Visit for further information.

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