As digital transformation rapidly sweeps through every possible industry, it is important for us to acquire relevant and in-demand tech skills. While coding skills has always been highly rewarded, now it is a must for every individual hoping to grab opportunities in the emerging digital industries. Moreover, ability to code in the most in-demand programming language increases one’s potential significantly. One such programming language is Python as individuals with Python skills are in high demand anywhere in the world!

python training


Python is a high-level, object-oriented and general-purpose programming language which is very popular among coders all over the world. With a simple syntax it is extremely easy to master and being open-source it offers unrivalled accessibility. Interestingly from small start-ups to tier-1 companies like Google, Facebook and Netflix use Python!

  • Vital for data analysts
    Python is one of the most popular medium for data analytics and is adored by analysts. If you do not have any background of coding and want to pursue data analytics then Python should be your choice as you will not be required to be well versed in coding to use Python for data analytics and in no time, you can master it!

Moreover, what makes Python vital in data analytics is the fact that it offers tailormade packages to suit the purpose of every possible data analytics activities. For instance: NumPy for Scientific computing, Matplotlib for data visualization, Pandas for data manipulation and so on!

  • Supports Machine Learning and Deep Learning
    Machine Learning and Deep Learning are two extremely important fields which you simply cannot ignore if you are hoping to get recruited by top tech companies and make it big. And a Python training will teach you how to easily use Python for building Machine Learning and Deep Learning models. Moreover, Keras which is the popular neural-network library is written in Python!
  • Perfect for Big-data
    Python is compatible with Hadoop and thus it becomes very useful for individuals opting to work with Big data. The Pydoop Python package enables accessing HDFS API, one can also use it to write Hadoop MapReduce programming and solve complex Big-data problems!

How to ensure your success?

In order to ensure your success with Python you must go for the best possible Python training course. A reputed institution with years of experience will train you perfectly. You must also look for an institution which will offer you a great deal of exposure to a flourishing digital industry so that you can quickly grab employment opportunities. In this regard, going for a Python training in Malaysia can be very helpful!

Why Malaysia?

Malaysia is one such country which has embraced the digital revolution efficiently. The country has been putting much emphasis on digitalization and data driven growth strategies and has been instrumental in making the country a hotspot for digital innovations. Today, the digital economy of the nation is not only booming but also is one of the most promising locations for skilled and hard-working professionals. Thus, getting trained in Malaysia significantly increases your chances of getting hired.

Moreover, there is an acute shortage of trained professionals in Malaysia and Python being one of the top skills, a Python training in Malaysia seems immensely beneficial. A Python developer earns RM4,085 at an average(monthly) in Malaysia and if you bag a job as a data analyst or a Machine Learning expert then you can earn more than RM 100K annually. Malaysia is also home to some of the most innovative and successful tech firms in the world and thus it is the perfect location for you!