Karan Oberoi (KO) posing with toy car

Is earning everything? Millions? Billions? NO! Indeed the answer is no to this question. If your health is not fine, there is no point to earn millions or billions.

In this article I shall be sharing top five fitness secrets of Indian model Karan Oberoi model who is also known today as KO, because of his physique which is not just amazing to look at but is also healthy at the same time. Karan “KO” Oberoi stands by the words that “health is wealth”.

For him, health takes priority over all other aspects of life. Indian model Karan Oberoi is the kind of person who can inspire you to go for a run right now, if you talk to him for 5 minutes.

He exudes a very positive body vibes and which is extremely inspiring for the people around him including those who follow him on social media be that Instagram or Facebook.

The reason why this top male model Karan Oberoi is known as KO, because of his physique that is really adorable, attractive and fit, therefore it makes lot of sense why I am sharing all this knowledge with you so that it could certainly help each one of us who aspires to be like him.

Here are top 5 secrets according to me  that KO follows which you should too:

KO has always stressed on the importance of strict intense workout regime as well as a balanced diet. If these two are in your control, the dream of having a fit and adorable body can be within your reach.

Big chiseled arms, strong legs and a well defined abs are unachievable in most of the people’s mind, but as we’ve seen in KO’s case, consistent hard work can get you anywhere you want, be it fitness or professional goals.

Therefore it becomes imperative to control your diet also while you workout hard in the gym. KO believes its seventy percent in your diet rest is workout. Even if you are working out for 5 hours a day, you shall never be able to acquire a body like him, If you don’t control your diet.

Karan Oberoi model suggests people who want to look fit and for aspiring models, especially those who want to be a part of this industry, to focus on cardio more like running, 45 mins intense weight training with lots of reps somewhere around 15 to 18 and a proportionate diet if they want to look lean and muscular.

Looking lean and muscular is something you can do best with your physique which is adorable to look at and also easy to maintain in the long run. KO stresses to run every alternate day and never to indulge in over gyming.

Now let’s talk about Karan Oberoi KO’s diet mantra, it is not a one-size-fits-all kind of a concept. Certain things can work for some people but not the others and vice-versa. There are basic principles though that people can apply to their diet which can yield them great results.

Here, KO suggests that people should include these foods if they aspire to look really fit. Two of these foods are oats and quinoa which are rich in fiber. Third food is egg whites which remain the food with the maximum amino acid content.

The fourth food according to him is all kinds of lean meats such as chicken, tuna & salmon. Lastly, he emphasized how important drinking water is for a fit body as it balances sodium levels thus gives ripped look. He also stresses to keep changing workout and diet to keep getting optimum results!

Staying away from all sort of drugs, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarette is the part of fittest lifestyle. This is one of the biggest fitness secret of Karan Oberoi KO that allows him not to just have a body that is good to look at but healthy inside out.

Staying away from all sorts of Steroid usage and growth hormones. Because the body made with the help of steroid doesn’t last long and has many potential side effects that takes place in long run and might not at the initial stage.

If you wish to have quick results you can use health supplements such as creatine, protein powders, pre workout and amino drinks. Supplement usage is not a bad thing, it can only help if you stack with the original diet. Supplement usage can never give best results while used in isolation and doesn’t work like a magic.

All this knowledge, Karan Oberoi (KO) has implemented in his daily routine is a strong reason for him having the kind of build he does. If aspiring models out there are looking for inspiration, especially if their dream is to be a fitness model, they don’t need to look any further than this handsome male model from India.

His story and journey is an inspiration to all. Yes like every success story out there, he also had his fair share of health-related obstacles. There are times when our body isn’t changing, or it isn’t changing in a way we expect it to.

It’s very easy to give up in moments like these, and very hard to keep going. Karan Oberoi model  is a good example for all those out there who are frustrated and want a fit body like him. He is an inspiration to all the fitness freaks and aspiring male models.

We thank him for sharing a knowledge with the world that is truly rare to find and helpful. We wish all our readers Best of luck!

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