Traveling is fun. Actually traveling is one of those activities that can never make a person bore. Rather it rejuvenates. But, do you know what’s even more rejuvenating? It’s the hiking. The more time you spend with nature, the more rejuvenated you’ll feel. There’s no such activity that’s fun and take you close to nature than hiking. Aconcagua being the highest mountain in southern and western hemisphere is considered one of the best places for hiking. But, you can’t hike Aconcagua unless you’re prepared. In this article, you’ll get to know about 10 tips that will help to make you ready for hiking.

Let’s get started.

  1. Exercise

While you’re preparing for hiking in the mountains, you can’t put exercise aside at any cost. There’s no alternative to exercise. Especially breathing exercise is a must for Aconcagua hike. Otherwise you’ll never be qualified to hike in the mountain like Aconcagua. Although it’s considered easy to climb using its normal routes. But, without preparation you can’t go for hiking safely. So, running, jogging into your daily activities. You can run with weight on your back. This will help to make your acclimatized with the altitudes.

  • Food

Your body is a heap of food. The very way your body responds to certain situations depends on the kind of food you eat. You can control your way of being just by eating proper food maintaining the right proportion. During the time of your preparation make sure you eat food with the right proportion of protein, fat and carbohydrate. Also, make yourself habituated with eating packaged food items like chocolate bars.

  • Meditation

Practicing meditation on daily basis may sound silly to you. But, in the mountains it’s significant that you stay strong. More than physical, mental strength is more important. Without practicing meditation, you can’t reach a state where you feel mentally strong. In the mountains, you may face situations when mental strength is indispensable than physical. So, make yourself adapted with daily practices.

  • Read books

Knowledge always helps. When you’re preparing for Aconcagua hike, read books on the mountains. This will give you a brief idea about the trails, easiest routes, hindrances, etc. Without proper knowledge on the roads, you can’t hike the mountains effortlessly.

  • Learn to plan your expenses

Talking about finance may sound silly while preparing for hiking. But, if you can’t plan your expenses out and pen it down, you’re likely to invite inevitable problems. So, learn to plan your expenses so that even if you go for solo hiking, things will work out.


If you’re unaware of Aconcagua expeditions, taking professional help is the best approach. Because minor mistakes can lead to fatal injuries to you. There are guide services all over the world. So, if you’re going for the first time, you can take a guide with you to understand climbing better. It’ll help you gain practical knowledge over mountaineering. So, don’t feel apprehensive about climbing, live your dream.