Information management has become an integral part of modern-day businesses and so has data governance. It is nearly impossible to run a productive initiative without an effective monitoring framework. In this article, we are presenting some of the best data governance tools which will oversee your information-handling procedures. These solutions will provide an efficient platform from where you can keep a close watch on each aspect of your data management program. Governance needs to be performed continuously so that the information assets are used effectively. This will reduce operational costs, enhance the value of data assets and boost profits. Let’s take a look at the tools which will help your business manage its information by defining a clear data governance approach.

1. Collibra

One of the most powerful enterprise-wide governance solutions that businesses can use is Collibra. It offers some pre-built best-practice models that can be installed instantly. The service catalogs all your elements to give a clear view of all the assets. It provides interactive data lineage charts so that you get a visual idea of different aspects like business policies, terms, issues, and relationships. The service will be helpful in defining an ownership structure and automating stewardship tasks. The product provides readymade integration templates to link data sources, business applications and metadata across the corporation. It also comes with a mobile access feature so that users can find the desired elements quickly.

2. Informatica

Entrepreneurs can make their businesses compliant with global privacy regulations by using Informatica’s governance solution. The product is geared to handle all GDPR-related data risks so that stakeholders can use the assets efficiently. Its powerful security features guard critical client data present in an organization’s digital storage system. Informatica provides customized solutions that protect all kinds of information assets. It uses award-winning technology to discover and monitor items and conduct risk analysis. The service offers a robust contact data verification solution which validates an element before starting its enrichment. This means that your company enjoys the benefit of accurate and useful client information.

3. IBM Data Governance

The IBM Data Governance solution provides a holistic understanding of your structured, as well as, unstructured data. The product will help you understand the exact source and composition of your assets. It will also be helpful in establishing whether the elements comply with your organization’s policies or not. The service uses machine learning technology to catalog your information elements which makes the process of data curation easy. It also helps in the efficient sharing of knowledge across the organization. It empowers businesses to protect personally identifiable information of any entity residing in their systems. The service ensures that enterprises access consolidated and consistent information for driving their operations.

4. Erwin Data Governance

One of the best data governance tools that an enterprise can use is erwin Data Governance. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution extends governance beyond IT systems so that users can easily discover, understand, and monitor the information. The product exhaustively documents systems and processes and the assets associated with them. This helps in creating a complete and trustworthy inventory of all the assets which support efficient decision-making. The service enables users to handle change effectively by conducting impact analysis in real-time. You can build a business glossary by mapping all kinds of elements besides documenting and prioritizing standards.

5. Talend

Talend is another powerful solution that helps you identify and resolve data issues quickly. It helps businesses create a single, dependable source of information by cataloging various items. The product automatically crawls, profiles, organizes and enriches the metadata. It uses machine learning and smart relationships to update all the information continuously. The service sanitizes the elements by using smart validation and standardization techniques. Users can define their own custom thresholds and measure the quality of their assets against the metrics. The tool lets you pick and choose the elements to be shared through on-site or cloud-based apps without exposing sensitive personally identifiable information.

6. Clearswift

Clearswift has the ability to track huge volumes of documents rapidly. The service can also monitor a large number of communication transactions across an on-premises or a cloud network in quick time. Its unique redaction feature protects vital data without any delay. Adaptive security is applied automatically and decides on an appropriate action like deletion, encryption, blocking, etc. The product will enable you to uncover regulatory data that may be hidden in your system. This helps in preventing leaks or compliance regulation violations. You can analyze all Data Management Plan and automatically apply policies based on authorization protocols, content, and regulatory conditions.

7. Datattoo

Datattoo is a data recovery solution which can play a key role in the governance initiative. Enterprises can recover their deleted, lost or corrupted files with the service. It scans drives and partitions irrespective of the fact whether they were damaged or formatted. This helps in extracting the lost information most of the time. Users only need to identify the vital files they want to recover and the service will do the job for them.

8. a.k.a

a.k.a provides facilities for discovering, describing, and organizing your information assets. It uses faceted classification and meta-tagging for organizing the data. The service easily crawls large indexed libraries by using semantic search tools. It is a cloud-based, scalable service which requires subscribers to pay only for the access they need.


These are some of the most powerful data governance tools which you can use for supporting your information management program. These solutions will provide you with a holistic view of your assets and ensure your initiative is in compliance with legal regulations.