Isn’t the line “But, we are also covering you with a health insurance plan.” said to you quite often? Well, I won’t deny, I have heard this at every negotiation round, no matter what size the company is. So, in no way, I am meaning to say that it is your loss, but it is not always as good as it is shown. Just like an asterisk sign with a surprising term or condition, the health insurance plan the companies talk about may come with their own latent set of terms and conditions or setbacks.

This is why in this blog, we tell you what health insurance questions you should ask precisely to the company. Let us begin. 

What does the plan offer HMO or PPO?

Health maintenance organisations (HMOs) provide you with access to certain doctors and hospitals in the network. On the contrary, PPOs allow a wide network of doctors and providers that give more coverage and come at a higher price. 

Are there any special procedures or conditions?
It is very important for you to know the answer to this. Is your family covered? How would they be covered? So that you know if the treatment is limited to an injury, an accident or a disease. 

Is there a monthly deductible for the same? 

If you are a candidate who has got the offer in offer letter format, you must ask this question if the benefits talk about health insurance. The question will give you a fair idea as to how the salary is structured and how much amount is deducted. 

What is the duration of the waiting period before the plan starts?

When you join a company after accepting the letter which has been sent to you in the offer letter format, there is a certain time period in which you are not covered in the health insurance.

What is the coverage network like geographically?

You should know which states does the health insurance cover. Is the plan applicable in the state you live in or others? So that you know if you or your family stay somewhere and meets an accident they will be covered or not. 

Will your current doctor be covered in the health insurance plan? 

You may have a family doctor that you trust a lot. So, you can also ask them if the doctor would be included in the plan. If not, you will have to get the information of the doctors that are included in the health insurance plan.

Do you have a summary for all the health insurance plan options or benefits?

Things can get a bit jumbled up in your mind when your employer gives you multiple insurance plans to choose from. Till the time you are confused, you should make comparisons between the plans so that you can know which one is the best for you. 

If after all these questions, you have any doubts in your mind, you can always turn up to HR or read HR policies in the HR software you use.