Hire WordPress Developer

WordPress is the leading content management system in the world that powers blogs as well as some of the most visited websites all over the globe. CMS is mainly a software solution that allows you to develop, publish and handle digital content. In short, WordPress is the best solution when you want to develop a website without coding it from scratch.

As of now, there are more than 55,000 WordPress Plugins and more than 31,000 WordPress themes available in the market. Moreover, WordPress presently holds 32% of websites on the internet.

The above statistics prove that there will be a lot of WordPress developers for hire. But, the main question is what you should consider while outsourcing WordPress development?

In order to solve your confusion, here we will provide some of the best tips to hire a WordPress developer for your business.

7 Proven Tactics to Hire WordPress Developer for Business

1.  Summary of all the things needed

WordPress is highly-efficient and it allows you to develop a personal website and a complex application. Hence, if you are hiring a developer to build a WP site, then this is not enough. You should have a clear idea about what purpose you want that?

For instance, you can hire a developer to build a blogging site, online shop, corporate site, directory, etc.

List out all the features that you want:

  • Third-party sign-in options
  • Widget areas
  • Social Share options
  • Contact Form
  • Comments box
  • Header & footer and many more.

It doesn’t matter from which developer you are going to develop your wordpress site; the most important thing is to let them know what you are looking for?

In short, Write a detailed job description so it will be easy for you to hire dedicated wordpress developer. Before you post, you have to make a complete description of the outcome, budget, & deadline requirements.

2.  Communicate with the Developer/ Team

Don’t provide the project by looking at the intriguing site or sign in the contract by just talking to the salesperson. When you hire wordpress experts, you should demand them to schedule a call with the developer or the team that will be working on the project. Provide them with the scope of the project and ask for their inputs. Based on this conversation, you can decide if you want to hire them for your next WordPress project or not.

The overall success of a website is based on the skills of the developer or the team which is working on the project. Check out whether the agency has obtained some recognition in the past.

3.  Look out for WordPress-Specific Experience

Anytime you want to hire developers; it’s essential to check out their past experience. Hence, check their portfolio to get some details about their work experience. Here, you should consider a WordPress-specific experience.

A standard WordPress developer might not have proper knowledge about basic WordPress languages such as PHP or any other WordPress-specific skills. In order to develop the best WordPress website, you should go with a developer having an in-depth knowledge of WordPress.

It always better to look after their reviews, testimonials, and references of a candidate to have a basic idea about what it is like to work with them.

4.  Avoid the cheapest developer

You might get surprised by the amount of fee charged by a WordPress developer for your site. Yes, some developers are ready to work for just $100! The main issue here is that you may never hear about them after transferring the amount or you might get a website which looks really cheap.

Your website is the digital identity and therefore you should never run after saving some dollars. Instead, develop a website from a reputed developer, you will get back your investment within a few months.

5.  Check out for basic fundamental elements

When you hire WordPress experts checkout for some of the weak signals, these are not excessively technical since they can be essential elements like:

  • Communication Skills
  • Reply Time
  • Regularity
  • Attention to detail
  • Have an experience working with the task at hand or any similar kind of work

Look after some of the basic fundamental elements given below:

  • Whether the developer is able to provide answers to questions properly?
  • Is a developer giving you status updates regularly?
  • Is the developer able to clarify the points properly so that you can understand properly?
  • What is your preferred language of communication?

6.  Focus on upgrades and maintenance

Does outsourcing agency focus on upgrades and maintenance services as a critical factor for their USP? If not, then you should ask about these features and check their reaction. Without taking into account how good your blog or site looks or some modern functions it has, it will face various bugs, and this is where the maintenance of the project becomes one of the most essential factors.

Website development is a never-ending process where you site has to be updated, bugs have to be solved, and new features are to be added. You should focus on the bigger picture and make a long-term partnership with the developer.

7.  Focus on deadlines

The majority of outsourcing agencies are working on multiple projects at the same time; hence, the tools and resources on which they are working will also apply for other client’s projects. However, this is the standard process on which any firm that you have to define clear requirement total hours developer will work and the deadline for the ultimate delivery of the project.

At the time of releasing your website or delivering guaranteed solutions to your customers, you can’t let go of any kind of uncertainty over schedules and deciding a deadline becomes very much important.

Lastly, these were some of the proven tactics that you should consider when you want to go with wordpress development and want wordpress expert for hire.