Sometimes you have to get the creative juices flowing while planning a birthday celebration, especially if it’s your girlfriend’s or wife’s birthday. Birthday parties can be confusing, and sometimes, something that she won’t even like, but won’t tell that to you. If you really want her birthday to go pleasantly, there are some ways which can arrange that. Cakes, food, trips, little romantic gestures – now we are talking!

  1. Fill her room with balloons

Balloons are beautiful, and liked by everyone, of course. There are a lot of things which you can do with balloons, and you only have to click once to know that. Make sure you have enough birthday balloon delivery, because you are going to fil her room with balloons. Red balloons, hear shaped sounds good, but you probably know her preferences – go with that! Get some of your little helpers and create the perfect balloon-filled room. She’ll love this pleasant surprise!

  1. Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed is a very romantic event, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.And if its her birthday, this idea will be the perfect to concoct. Instead of having to send birthday cakes online, you can make something for her. Those moments will be the pressure-free ones you will get, before both of you have to run off to work and immerse yourself in your jobs. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant;just some simple pancakes and orange juice would do the trick. If you know how to make her favorite dish, then go with it.

  1. Create Photo Book/ Wall Collage

You know how much the photos mean to you guys. Choose a bunch of pictures, that will better capture your relationship, in a sublime way. If your kids can help you with it, well and good! You can either create a full photo book, or you can opt for making a beautiful wall collage. You can decorate however the way you want it – after all, it is the thought that counts. And when it comes to the meaning behind it, you know she will absolutely love it.

  1. Make Her ‘Queen’ for the Day

She is the queen of your kingdom, however, there is a difference between calling her a queen and treating her like one. On her birthday, plan everything that will make her feel like she is really the Queen, maybe not of the whole World, but at least of in her loved ones.Give her the rest and relaxation that she deserves, and tell your kids not to give her any other works. Let her do anything she wants, or either plan something for her, which you know she will enjoy!

  1. Arrange a Family Dinner

Perhaps you live far away from both of your parents, and she misses them, a lot. Then maybe its time to fulfill that wish of hers. Plan a perfect family dinner, and make a surprise for her. You can either make them come at home, so that you don’t have to make anything extravagant, like going to a fancy restaurant. If she doesn’t want to make a big deal of it, then you can just go on a romantic dinner, telling her to dress up like she did on your first date. It will be a fun and certainly romantically special thing to do.

  1. Bake a Special Cake

Cakes are an integral part of birthday celebration.If you want to give your partner cakes, might as well make it all by yourself. You know where you can get the procedure and you already have the required utensils all at home. The only thing you will have to gather are the ingredients, and in that case, you will have to be very discreet. If you want it to be a surprise, then make sure that she doesn’t get an inkling of what you are up to. It will have a full impact on her – and a pleasant one at that – when she sees your special cake!

  1. Take a Day Trip

Day trips need to be planned beforehand and therefore this plan will be told to her, and once she approves, you are free to pack everything and plan extensively for it. Maybe you can have a picnic in the park, or a short trip to some nearby tourist spot – the list can be pretty lengthy. You can attend plays or movies, especially those which she wanted to see since forever. It doesn’t have to be just you guys – even if your kids can hop along, unless what you have planned is a romantic thing; then keep them with their nanny!

You know now what to do, when your queen’s birthday is fast approaching. You don’t have to follow every point of this succinct list, you can think of something on your own as well!