improve battery life

The functionalities that the yesteryear phones performed are very much different than the functionalities that today’s phones perform. With so much competition in the market, smartphones are coming with capabilities that provide them more uniqueness than the others.

However, in the effort of doing it all, one of the aspects that gets most affected is the battery life of the smartphone. In fact, to provide a powerful performance, the smartphones are coming with strong processors and chipsets. But still the battery remains to be the old lithium one. Furthermore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Samsung mobiles have far greater battery life as compared to iPhones.

Well, we think that a lot of you would agree on this that the battery of the phone also depends a lot on how you are using your phone. So, we thought why not provide you with some great tips that will help to save your phone’s battery. Now the hacks wouldn’t magically increase the battery life of your smartphone, but it will surely give you the desired results.

Don’t set the brightness level on auto

If you are setting the brightness level of your smartphone on auto then it means the internal system will be increasing and decreasing the brightness. However, it should be noted that the brightness level of your phone in the case of light exposure, will certainly go very high then you really need.

You should always set the brightness level on manual so that you can adjust it to your required level when needed. If the brightness of your phone is always high then it will drain your phone’s battery a lot more than it should. So always keep the brightness level on the phone at a low level to save the battery drainage.

Go for a black wallpaper

It is one of the greatest hacks to save your phone from draining out all the battery. Normally, all Samsung phones come with an AMOLED screen. Hence, if you also have an AMOLED screen then go for a darker wallpaper. The black pixels are unlit, which wouldn’t require your phone to illuminate a lot, eventually saving the battery.

You can easily download dark themed or black wallpaper from the internet and can save it on your phone. It should also be noted that you aren’t required to have a completely black wallpaper, as it can always come with something contrasting.

Close or Disable Apps

Some people don’t even realize this, but they have like a hundred of apps running on their phone’s background. This is something that should be avoided at all costs if you want your smartphone battery to last. The apps that keep on running at the back would slowly drain the battery.

In fact, you would feel like that you haven’t done much but your phone would be out of the battery. In fact, the newer versions of the Samsung phones are coming with options on which you can even disable the apps. This is also a great way to save your Samsung battery.

Turn off Wifi

Wifi is another thing that takes away a lot from the phone’s battery. You should always turn off the wifi when you are not using the internet. Also, there are various modes available in the Samsung smartphones where you can turn off cellular data or it would ask for your permission before turning it on.

It will help you to save the battery from draining out and you would eventually increase the battery life of your Samsung phone. You can always turn on the wifi when you want to use it. This trick comes very handy when your phone’s battery is almost at a very low level.

Turn off haptic or vibration feedback

It becomes quite difficult for you to turn off the features that you love the most on your phone, and surely haptic feedback is one of them. However, users don’t realize that how much battery drainage happens on your phone when you allow such features to run on the background all the time.

Now you can always turn on or off the haptic feedback on your phone, according to the battery percentage that you have. It will also help in saving the battery life of your Samsung. You can also turn off the vibration mode when you have your phone right in your hand or in front of you.

Set ‘Sleep’ or ‘Don’t Disturb’ Mode

Remember this that you don’t need to be connected 24/7. You should always set ‘do not disturb’ modes on your phone that will help you to save your battery. While the sleep mode would be on, the wifi or any cellular data will get disconnected.

The display will sleep and there would be no notifications popping up on your screen. This hack wouldn’t only add to the battery life of your phone, but you would also be getting some peaceful time with yourself or your family.

All of these tricks can be adapted easily and eventually, you would be upgrading your Samsung battery life, for sure.