Do you know what are the three most expensive Google Adwords CPC keywords recently? They are mesothelioma attorneys California, injury lawyer Houston TX, and mesothelioma claim. You will now understand why are we presenting some law firm marketing tips for personal injury attorneys. Every time someone clicked an ad related to the “injury lawyer Houston TX” keyword, it cost an attorney or a law firm in that city $ 190. Even the other two terms are related to personal injury cases. The high prices go to show how competitive this segment of the legal industry is. Add to this the fact that most lawyers in this field operate on a contingency fee basis. This means that a professional gets a percentage of the final settlement amount received by the client. It can be, therefore, hard for most attorneys to get a profitable return on the investment made for promotions. Here are a few suggestions on marketing for attorneys and law firms operating in the personal injury practice area which will be helpful in boosting their revenue.

1. Acquire A Powerful Website

Your website is the face of your practice and the cornerstone of your digital promotional strategy. It is imperative that you acquire a powerful interface to engage your audience. People gauge the standard and competence of an individual or organization through the quality of the website. In case, you do not possess an effective interface, it will be impossible for you to convert leads or to generate good traffic. Make sure you get a responsive and fast website which ensures a good user experience to the visitors. Provide helpful and informative content in a variety of formats to engage all kinds of users. You can post write-ups, infographics, and videos to showcase your knowledge to potential clients.

2. Formulate An Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy

Personal injury attorneys need to create an effective plan for inbound marketing. Take a look around and you will find TV and billboard ads for such professionals. However, this form of promotions is expensive and targets the general public instead of focusing only on the target audience. Inbound marketing involves using content, social media promotions, and search engine optimization to attract qualified leads. Make sure that every page of your interface has titles and meta descriptions optimized with relevant keywords. Provide helpful content that the audience is interested in and optimize it with keywords so that it appears in related search results. Get active on social platforms and engage your audiences. All these tactics will draw people towards your website and encourage them to convert.

3. Target A Specific Audience Segment

There are various types of personal injury cases. Some of the most common types are motor vehicles accidents, medical malpractice, and slips and falls. Then there are premises or product liability cases which are related to accidents caused by improper conditions at someone’s location or the defective nature of an item. Instead of trying to target all the cases, it will be better to focus on a specific segment. For instance, you can choose to target only the audience affected by vehicle accidents. This means that your entire message must now be aligned to this particular niche’s requirements. Your content like blogs, videos, etc. and social posts must contain information for car accident victims looking for legal assistance. This is one of the most important marketing tips for personal injury attorneys which can help them boost conversions significantly.

4. Post Valuable Content To Attract More Clients

Personal injury victims are looking for effective legal assistance which can help them in winning suitable compensation. They are ripe for conversions but you need to convince them about your skills and expertise. The best way to achieve this is by posting valuable content. Create write-ups, videos, podcasts, infographics, and any other material which you feel will resonate with the audience. Keep the focus on answering the questions that a potential client is asking. For instance, most people will be looking for information like how long does a medical malpractice case take to settle. Identify the topics that your audience is interested in and craft content accordingly. If you clear their doubts effectively, they will be encouraged to hire you for representing them.

5. Use Remarketing To Target Previous Visitors

While looking for an appropriate attorney, users will visit numerous websites and research various professionals. Many people will visit your website and then go away to check some other option. It is essential to target these visitors and remind them of your firm. This can be done by running remarketing campaigns which use a tracking code to follow visitors. When people leave your interface and visit another website, they will be shown your adverts. Many times people do not return to a previously-visited interface simply because they had forgotten about it. Remarketing will remind them of your firm and help improve the conversion rate.

6. Gather As Many Reviews As Possible

Reviews are an important marketing tool that can help you get more clients. People like to see the feedback from past users to assess the quality of a product or service. Ask your existing and former clients to leave reviews on various online platforms like your website, Google, social media, etc. This will also give you a chance to corner some valuable space on SERPs as well. Conduct a search for your practice area and chances are, you will see a couple of ads followed by the local 3-pack before you see the organic results. Good reviews can help you get a place in the 3-pack.


Act on these marketing tips for personal injury attorneys now to improve the effectiveness of your promotional campaign. This will be helpful in converting more leads and generating more revenue.