What actually is Vastu? 

Vastu is also known as Vastu Shastra. It is an ancient Indian science of architecture. Vastu is related to making designs of an infrastructure, to be constructed for different purposes. It consists of process of preparing the layout, to make the exact measurements, the process of ground preparation, making arrangement of space and to execute an exact spatial geometry on the layout. 

Vastu is a science that promotes harmony and prosperous living of the inmates, who are living in that infrastructure. It eliminates negative energy from the premises and enhances positive energy in that area. Persons spending most of their time in a shelter, may it be in home, or in office, or in a commercial project, these positive energy around them, enhanced by Vastu, plays a very important role in the success of their lives. 

5 Vastu Tips for your home

Anyone investing her/his lifetime savings in buying or building a house, always wants to have the best and safest home for herself/himself and her/his family. Vastu ensures having the safest and most prosperous home for her/him. There are certain major Vastu tips to keep in mind while buying or constructing a new house. 

  • Please do the Bhoomi Pooja first-

It is a very important Vastu ritual to be done, in the beginning of constructing a house. The land on which the house is built is to be worshiped properly according to the Vastu Shastra, at the time of laying the first foundation stone. It ensures building of a peaceful and prosperous house for all the inmates. 

  • Designing the main entrance of the house- 

The main entrance of the house must be in accordance to the Sun, the source of all cosmic energy. The Sun rises in the East. The first rays of the rising Sun must embrace the entrance of the house first. It is considered to be the most auspicious Vastu tip to have the main entrance of the house should be in the East. It brings positive energy and happiness to the house. The properties having entrances facing South West should be avoided, as it is believed to be the doorway to negative and destructive energy. 

  • The Situation of the bedroom in the house- 

The South West Corner of an East facing house is the most auspicious place for the master bedroom, in the house. Bedrooms can also be located in the West or South west corners of the house, as this brings wealth to the inmates. Bedrooms in North West direction are also good, but bedrooms in East South East, West North West, South South West, South East, North East, and North North East directions must be avoided. 

  • Direction of the Kitchen in the house- 

Kitchen is the place where food is prepared for all in the house. It decides the health of the inmates of the house. The South East corner is the ideal place for the kitchen in the East facing house. The kitchen must not be directly in front of the main entrance of the house. 

  • Toilets in the house- 

Toilets and Bathrooms must be in the West or in the North West Sides of the house. It must not be in the East or in the North East direction of the house. However, the windows in bathroom may be in the East side of the house, allowing the rays of rising Sun to fall on bathrooms and toilets, to make them sanitized. 

Most of the luxury apartments in New Delhi, built by reputed builders, follow these basic Vastu tips to make the house peaceful, healthy, and prosperous for their owners, who will be living in these houses.