Referrals are much like one existing good employee vouching for another one. They are a great way to reduce the workload of the recruiter and assure the company of the hire. Infact, tell me if there is anything that a friend refer you. But, the recruiters find getting referrals difficult still. Isn’t it? So, in this blog, we tell you how to get maximum referrals from  the teams at your office. Let’s start! Before, let me jus also say that they alos reduce your time to hire drastically.

  1. Decide who you want referrals from

For instance, if you want referrals for the position of an office boy, who is more likely to refer a good one to you, clearly the employees who are in the same job profile or those who work closely with the person of that profile are the best person to get referrals from. So, make a list of job vacancies you have, and ask for referrals from the places where probability is higher.

  1. Give rewards for referrals

No employee would really take the pain of giving you a candidate till the time the person is not a really good friend of theirs or they are getting some benefit of doing so. You know that looking at job appointment letter for new employee would be of no use till the time you have not got a shortlisted candidate, so you better start giving rewards for the current employees. You can give them money or vouchers for dinner, shopping, etc.

  1. Mention the name of referee in mail

It is always good to mention the name of the refree in the subject line. It will benefit you in getting your mail or call answered by the prospect. So, even if they will be passive candidates, they will open you email and revert. And half of your battle would be won this way.

  1. Ask for resume

It is always a heads up to show your keen interest in hiring the candidate by asking them to send their resume or come for an interview straight up. This will pique the interest of the referral and he if even the least interested would revert to your mail definitely.

  1. Include them in your database

It is always a good idea to include all the referrals you get in the candidate database so that whenever you have a requirement even in the future, you can connect with them first rather than beginning the laborious work of sourcing.

If you can set yourself as a recruiter of worth, there is nothing better than that. This will not just help you in increasing your network but will also make the candidates approach you. Is there anything better than that? Certainly not.

So, do everything in your power to know and reach the right people so that the job seekers seek you as much as you seek them.