You may need to hire a technical content writer for a variety of reasons, the reasons differ from person to person and from company to company. There are a lot of different ways to go about hiring such a writer. There are technical content writers dime a dozen and hence sometimes it gets confusing for individuals and companies to hire the right writer who suits their requirements.

It is imperative that you put in the time and resources necessary to find the right fit for the job as the right writer can make or break your business. Further, it is crucial that you exercise due diligence and caution in the hiring process because a good writer doesn’t always mean a good tech writer.

In this blog, we will enlist the 5 different things that you should look for when hiring a technical content writer. Let’s get started.

Industry Experience

Once you have begun looking for writers and narrowed down on a potential list of hopefuls, it is advised that you scrutinize them. This can be done by going through their portfolios and checking their previous line of work. You need to judge if the writing of the candidate in question, matches the style and perspective of your business or not.

For technical writers specifically, industry experience is of paramount importance and shouldn’t be overlooked. You should hire someone with considerable experience and expertise within your niche in the industry. Look for subject matter experts who can craft documents to meet the different needs of your business.

Originality and creativity

You should go through the portfolio of the shortlisted candidates and give more preference to candidates who appear to have more originality and creativity than the others. You need to go through their portfolio and writing samples to gauge their capability of creating easily understandable content out of complex tech jargon. You should hire someone who can easily remake decipherable and engaging content out of something complex.


You should scrutinize the portfolio of the writer in question to see if the writer has a style that can connect to the style and vision of the company. If you aren’t able to get a clear answer from the portfolio of the candidate, then you should hold discussions with him or her to judge if the candidate has the aptitude and potential for adapting to the style prevalent in your organization. Adaptability is another important area in technical report writing, which shouldn’t be overlooked in any circumstances.

Impeccable Grammar

Quite obvious but it had to be stated because grammar is a universal benchmark to judge all writers, regardless of the niche or industry that they are active in. You should ideally hire someone who has impeccable grammar skills and can write clearly and concisely to send the message across to the target audience clearly and succinctly.

Communication skills

Writing is the main part of the job for any writer but communication skills can’t be overlooked either. You should hire someone who can communicate effectively with different kinds of people. Check if you are being understood by the writer in the manner that you intend and vice-versa. The writer should also have the ability to get technical information from the experts and then convert it into easily understandable content for everyone, including and especially readers who are not so technically inclined.

Wrapping Up

The aforementioned 5 things will surely help you in finding the right writer for your needs. The 5 things aren’t a surefire way of hiring the best writer all the times, but if and when considered, they will appreciably enhance your chances of hiring a writer who is just the right fit for your business.