Technology is boon for all of us, but it can, sometimes become bane as well. Yes, it is no secret that technology that we use also exposes you to cyber attacks and viruses. 

It may happen if you don’t secure your smartphones properly. Another thing is that there is no manual in a device that helps you keep it protected or teach about protecting it. 

What’s more, cyber threats are also evolving on a daily basis, and you need to implement some smart tips to keep your mobile phone protected. Read on and explore more!

  • Always keep your phone locked 

A potential threat that looms large is when your mobile phone gets stolen, giving the thief access to your personal data. To prevent this from happening, ensure to have a lock on the phone’s screen. Be it passcode, pattern, fingerprint or face recognition; you can set one as per your phone’s capacities. 

  • Set secure passwords 

Many users are not attentive to set strong passwords on their apps, which will make it harder for a hacker to guess about them. The best thing about this will be setting up a password for each app. This way, even if one password is cracked, it will become difficult to access other apps. Hence, you should ensure not to set weak passwords and make your device exposed to attacks. 

  • Keep the Operating System of your device updated 

You should know that the mobile phone Operating System (OS) is to enhance the overall experience of users. It could mean entailing anything from security to performance. It is suggested to stay updated with the latest OS on your mobile phone. This way, you may keep off your phone from being attacked by new threats.

  • Beware of downloading from unauthorized sources 

It is obvious that you will download many apps once you buy a Vivo Smartphone or any other device. Once you do that, you should ensure doing that only from authorized websites and apps, and after going through user reviews. You may fall into the trap of cybercriminals that may create rogue apps, looking like a proxy of trusted apps. To avoid these, you should first look at the number of reviews, date of last update and contact details of the app developer. 

  • Install AntiVirus software 

The next thing to operate your mobile phone safely is installing AntiVirus on it of a trusted provider. These programs can safeguard your mobile phones against possible viruses and hacking issues. Thus, it becomes vital for you to install AntiVirus and keep data protected. 

Smartphones are mini-computers that have the capacity to store your vital data and personal information. Following these smartphone security tips in mind will help you safeguard your gadget. 

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