Amazing Gadgets

The technology exists to make life easier. Ever since the first calculator was introduced, tech gadgets serve that basic purpose. And they do it well. Especially since the invention of IoT devices. With my IoT devices, I can control my entire house from my phone. So long as my Spectrum Internet packages don’t give out on me. Thankfully I haven’t had any issue so far.

12 Gadgets Designed to Make Your Life Easier

Of course not all gadgets that make your life easier have to be full of tech. There are countless gadgets that you couldn’t live without which don’t have any technology whatsoever. But for this list, let’s keep things simple and consider only IoT devices for the home.

  1. Smart Speakers
  2. Smart Locks
  3. Smart Video Doorbells
  4. Home Security Systems
  5. Smart Thermostats
  6. Smart Lights
  7. Smart Switches
  8. Smart Displays
  9. Smart Kitchen Appliances
  10. Smart Vacuum Machines
  11. Smart Power Outlets
  12. Smart Lawn Mowers

#1. Smart Speakers

Smart Speakers need no introduction. When you think of smart home devices, your first thought goes to speakers. Amazon Alexa and Google Home are perfect examples. Smart speakers can not only control your smart devices but also your personal lives. They can manage shopping lists as well as online ordering.

They can even manage your calendars. So really, they are the perfect personal assistants. Now if only they can come up with a way to make them portable. It would be cool to have your very own version of F.R.I.D.A.Y.

#2. Smart Locks

Some smart locks have the fault of being too technologically dependent. That means someone could easily hack into the lock and open your door. But the risk is significantly less if the smart lock doesn’t replace your existing lock. Some smart locks, like the August smart lock, use your existing deadbolt locks.

And they fit internally so there are even fewer chances of someone being able to hack them.

#3. Smart Video Doorbells

Smart doorbells and video doorbells are a terrific gadget. They allow you to be as lazy as you like. Especially if you get a lot of solicitors in your area. There is nothing worse on a lazy Sunday than leaving your comfy bed. Especially for unwanted solicitation. Video doorbells can change all that.

Instead of getting out of bed, you can simply check who it is that wants to disturb your slumber. You can also find one with an intercom system, so you can just ask your unwanted guests go away. Other video doorbells even have facial recognition, like the Nest Hello. So you can get notifications when your friends are at the door.

#4. Home Security Systems

Remember the time when a home security system meant having to deal with alarms buzzing for no reason? And poor user interfaces so you couldn’t figure out simple tasks like entering your pin codes. Well, those days are long gone, and not a day too soon. Today’s smart some systems are much easier to install, operate, and offer way more security measures.

Some smart security systems like Abode include door monitors, glass break monitors, and motion sensors, of course, you can also integrate security cameras. And control everything with ease, from your phone. But that’s not all. Abode smart security systems can also work with other smart devices around your house.

#5. Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats like the Ecobee can connect to your WiFi and you can control them remotely. So you don’t have to worry about your pets at home alone in the summers. You can simply adjust the temperature of your home from wherever you are. Also, connect them with your smart speakers and never worry about changing the temperature manually again.

#6. Smart Lights

For years the Philips Hue range of light bulbs has been dominating the smart lights market. And rightfully so. They offer smart lighting solutions for the entire house, inside and out. And they can connect with your smart speakers. And the reliability of a Phillips bulb has always been on point. So there are no worries there either.

#7. Smart Switches

Smart lights help make your house that much smarter. But they can only go so far. If someone switches off the light switch then there is no getting around it. You will have to flip the switch back on again. Unless you have a smart switch like the Ecobee Switch+. This voice controllable switch is also compatible with your smart speaker.

#8. Smart Displays

The Google Nest Hub is one of the most capable and well-designed user interfaces available on the market. The smart display allows you to use the same Google Assistant features like the speaker range with the added advantage of the touch interface.

#9. Smart Kitchen Appliances

Instead of taking apart all the smart kitchen appliances, let’s club them together. Today’s range of smart appliances leaves nothing out. You have your smart fridges and coffee machines and microwaves. But did you ever think you could get a smart cooking pan? Or what about a smart grill? Smart kitchen appliances can make cooking easy as pie.

#10. Smart Vacuum Machines

Keeping a house clean is not easy. Especially if you have kids or dogs. Everywhere you look there is either going to be dirt or spills. So smart vacuums can really help you lower your stress levels and make your life easier.

#11. Smart Power Outlets

Bet you didn’t know these existed. Smart power outlets can connect with your WiFi and can be turned on or off from your phone. So you can save money without any extra effort. Switch off your TV power outlet when not in use. Or the refrigerator outlet when you’re on vacation.

#12. Smart Lawn Mowers

Smart lawn mowers are finally here. Mowing your lawn is one of the hardest weekend chores. But smart lawnmowers make it so you need only tap a few times on your phone screens.


The only major issue with smart home gadgets is their data usage. While most of them aren’t too data-heavy, the usage from all your devices can add up. That’s why I take the precaution of calling Spectrum Customer Service before installing any new gadgets. Just to ensure that I won’t end up exceeding the fair use policy on my unlimited data plan.