Home More Energy Efficient

I still remember how I decided to make my house energy efficient. It was a couple of years ago. I was deciding on which Frontier cable and internet plan to get for my new house. And all the expenses related to the shift were piling up. So I was thinking of ways that I can save some money. And then all of a sudden it came to me in a ‘lightbulb’ moment. An energy-efficient ‘lightbulb’ moment, that is.

All I had to do was make small changes around the house and in my lifestyle.

10 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

It is quite easy to make your homes energy efficient as well.

  1. Efficient Laundry
  2. Alternatives to Conventional Ovens
  3. Insulate Your House
  4. Efficient Lighting
  5. Natural Lighting
  6. Use of Home Appliances
  7. Saving Water
  8. Water Heaters
  9. Heating and Cooling
  10. Solar Panels

#1. Efficient Laundry

Your washing can waste a lot of water and energy. Did you know that washing clothes at 103F are almost the same as washing your clothes at 140F? So a simple change in your machine settings can save you water heating costs. Your laundry loads will use less energy.

There are other tricks you can do with your washing machine to make your laundry more energy-efficient. Like, waiting until you have a full load to use the medium washer setting.

#2. Alternatives to Conventional Ovens

You can even save on energy consumption while you’re cooking. Try to get a convection oven, instead of a conventional one. That can make your cooking 20 percent more efficient. Convection ovens use fans to distribute the heat. Conventional ovens don’t. So they take longer to cook your food.

Or you could get a microwave oven. The newer models can make your cooking up to 80 percent more efficient.

#3. Insulate Your House

Most of the energy used in our homes is to keep them comfortable in extreme weather. Have you ever noticed how much energy we use to keep our homes warm in the winter? And we end up using, even more, to keep it cold in the summer.

You can reduce energy waste with proper insulation. If you cant insulate your entire house, then you can at least start with the windows and doors. By sealing them properly, you can maintain the temperature inside the house better.

#4. Efficient Lighting

Lightbulbs can waste a lot of energy. Especially filament bulbs. They literally burn electricity. You can get better lighting at a fraction of the cost with energy savers. Though energy saver bulbs might cost you a little more. But those few extra dollars don’t seem to matter if you consider the savings.

#5. Natural Lighting

Another way to save on your energy consumption is by substituting with natural lighting. Instead of using electrical lighting during the day, open your windows. Let the sunshine through. That is the natural lighting that we can all use for free.

#6. Use of Home Appliances

Almost all the appliances in your house use electricity. From the stove to the TV and all the small things in between. Some appliances even consume energy if they are on standby mode. You can save a lot of energy by doing things like turning off your TV when not in use. Instead of just putting it on standby mode.

#7. Saving Water

Water is a very limited resource. We can somehow manage to find new ways to create electricity, but not water. So we should save it wherever possible. You can use low-flow showerheads and toilets for lower water consumption.

#8. Water Heaters

Conventional water heaters waste a lot of energy. They are built to heat and store hot water. Tankless or instantaneous water heaters offer a better alternative. A lot of energy is lost in heating water, then storing it. you can save on than by replacing your traditional water heaters to more efficient types.

#9. Heating and Cooling

You can save a lot of energy by properly insulating your house. But there are other ways you can save on heating and cooling energy consumption. Like instead of using air conditioning, you could install ceiling fans. They consume far less energy than cooling units.

Or if it is too cold and you must use your heating unit then lower the thermostat. Did you know that you can save 10 percent energy by switching from 75F to 70F?

#10. Solar Panels

Solar panel technology has advanced a lot recently. It is now a viable alternative to conventional electricity. But converting your entire house to solar power can be a little pricey. So instead you can simply get solar-powered appliances.

There are also solar-powered charging ports that you can use for your phones and mobile devices. We waste considerable energy in charging or phones. Especially at night, when we just plug them in and leave them.


Making your home energy efficient can have a lot of benefits to you and the environment. It can save you money on utility bills as well as wear-and-tear on some appliances. In fact, I try to also save energy on things like Frontier FiOS internet. When I’m leaving the house for work in the morning, I switch off the wireless modem. That has saved me a lot of energy during the day. And the savings reflect in my electric bills as well.